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33 Terrifying Horror Manga That Anyone Should Read

Being a horror writer, I’ve always loved the horror genre and I’m always searching for new horror content. One medium I hold very dear is manga, namely horror manga. There’s ...
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The 40 Best Stories by Japan’s Horror Master Junji Ito

As a horror writer, I’ve always engrossed myself in the horror genre. From an early age, I consumed any, and all media related to horror. It was more than a ...
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The 16 Best Writing Books Anyone Should Read

In my years of writing, I’ve picked up various books on creative writing. In this list I want to present those books I regard as the best writing books out ...
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The 12 Best Science Fiction Books Anyone Should Read

While I’m predominantly a horror writer, science fiction is a genre that has always been close to my heart. I’m especially fond of cyberpunk and space operas. Over the course ...
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The 8 Best Horror Books Anyone Should Check Out

As a horror writer, it’s only natural for me to read the works of other horror writers. It’s not only that though, I’m also a huge fan of anything that’s ...
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