Short Stories and Other Works of Fiction

Lizard Man

Urban legends. I think everyone knows a few of those. They are tales about ghastly incidents, frightening creatures, or supernatural things. In my home area, one such legend persisted for a long time. It was the tale about the so-called ‘hombre lagarto’ or the lizard man. The part of the ...
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The Case of the Bassinet Children

As kids, we often miss the obvious. It is only as adults that we catch on to certain events in our childhood. It was the same for me during a specific summer vacation in my childhood. Only now do I realize what happened back then. Mind you this whole story ...
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The Disappearing Alley

We all think of the world as a place grounded in logic. There’s no room for the supernatural or surreal. We tell ourselves those things only exist in stories, movies, and media. I too used to think like that, but I was wrong. I was so damn wrong. It all ...
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The Changeling

There are sometimes tales that you can't believe really happened. It was on a mild Saturday afternoon that I heard one such tale. My dad had tasked me to mow the lawn and to clean up the old shack next to our house. It had taken me most of the ...
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