Short Stories and Other Works of Fiction

The Mysterious Key

I always loved the flea market in my city. It wasn’t so much that I needed anything; it was just nice to go there with friends. We’d have a look around at all the things available, have some beers and enjoy the weather. The best time to go was during ...
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Old Thomas’ Hatchery

Beggars can’t be choosers, the old saying goes. I’d been unemployed for weeks, when I learned that old Thomas Maier was looking for help around his chicken farm. To be honest, I was weary. I never imagined myself working at a chicken farm, and I wasn’t looking forward to it ...
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I Discovered Something Strange On My Old Sony Ericsson Phone

You know, throwing out old stuff can be strangely satisfying. A few days ago, I decided to give my cramped little apartment the good old once-over and throw out anything I didn’t need anymore. For years I’d succumbed to the strange habit of throwing nothing out. You never knew if ...
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Severin’s Hill

When we’re kids, we all believe to be invincible, immortal even. My friends and I were no different. We all thought we were at the center of the universe. We had high aspirations, wanting to be scientists, doctors or astronauts. I was the only one to ever get close to ...
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If You Stare Into a Mirror Long Enough, Strange Things Will Happen

Did you ever stare into a mirror for a long period of time? I don’t mean for a few minutes, not to check out your body, but for a truly long time. Try, for example, if you will, staring at your own face. At the beginning it might be normal, ...
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The Duckman Cometh

I used to love watching the ducks at my local park. Hell, I used to love ducks. Not anymore, not after what happened. I guess I’m a bit of a loner. Even here, in the big city, I’m the type of guy who’s more torn to walking the city park ...
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Who’d ever be afraid of postcards? After all, it’s nothing but paper, right? That’s how I’d have reacted if you’d asked me that question about a month or two ago. It all started back in April. I’d just returned from the grocery store and checked my mail. I do it ...
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When I Was a Boy I Found an Abandoned Tree House in the Woods

Marlene was my very first friend, as well as my first love. When I grew up, I had no real friends. I guess I was a bit too odd. I was always dreaming, had my head in the clouds, and was living in a world of my own. During summer ...
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The Special Dish

Matthew awoke to an argument. It was the couple next door. “... don’t have all we need...” “... the special dish...” The back of his head throbbed and each word of the barely audible conversation caused a fresh jolt of pain. “... making me go all the way there...” When ...
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Uncle Robert’s Basement

Nobody ever expects to find themselves in a ghost story. Yet, I always had a lingering feeling I’d one day find myself in one. The reason was simple, basements. I hate them, always have. I don’t know where this apprehension came from, but they’ve always made me anxious. It didn’t ...
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