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Procrastination and How to Conquer It as a Writer

Procrastination holds us back from doing the things important to us. Photo by Caitee Smith on Flickr Forms of Procrastination There are various forms of procrastination; all of them are bad for writers or for people who want to get things done. Wasting time and putting of tasks till the ...
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10 Proven Ways How a Writer Can Build up Self-Discipline

As a writer, there’s nothing more important for your success than self-discipline. So in this article I want to first talk about why self-discipline is necessary and outline ten ways that can help you do so. Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash Why Self-Discipline is Necessary Without being disciplined, success ...
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Planning vs. Action – Getting Caught by the Details

There are many people who like to make plans more than to actually take action. So in this new article I want to compare planning vs. action and how you avoid to get caught up with unnecessary details. I’m not only talking about outlining a story or planning a novel, ...
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9 Proven Ways to Stop Making Excuses

Excuses are a way of rationalizing our own laziness or unwillingness to do things. So in this article, I want to talk about some ways that can help you to stop making excuses. Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash Typical excuses You know what I am talking about when I ...
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3 Writing Tools That Can Supercharge Your Writing

As a writer, the two most important things you have to do are writing a lot and reading a lot. The advent of the internet changed many things, one of them the profession of being a writer. There are now many writing tools available that can make writing just a ...
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6 Reasons Writing by Hand Makes You a Better Writer

Aspiring writer's are often plagued by a multitude of problems. Taking a step back from the monitor in front of you and instead writing by hand for a while can have great results. And it can help to fight one of the biggest foils every writer will encounter: We all ...
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