Short Stories and Other Works of Fiction

The Yummy Food

Working at a retirement home is a tough job. The hours are long, overtime is a constant, and the pay is low. And yet, I never hated the job. No, I always enjoyed helping people and did my best to guide them through the last years of their life. All ...
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I Discovered an Old Elevator at Work – I Wish I Hadn’t

Job hunting can be tough, especially if you’re an idiot like me. Now, I wasn’t exactly an idiot, but I didn’t have much of a qualification to do, well, anything. Even worse, my CV was riddled with blank spots, unemployment time and questionable positions. As you can imagine, my chances ...
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Ms. Granger’s Collection

I hated Ms. Granger’s collection from the moment I laid eyes on it. The old lady was the latest in my long line of patients. I’m a caregiver, the live-in type. I’d been working in the field for a decade when I got to know Ms. Granger. She was a ...
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Tonight, I Wasn’t the Only One Who Was Lost

You know those nights, don’t you? The ones when life gets a bit too real and when you can’t sleep because your head’s heavy with questions. What’s the meaning of life? What am I even doing here? Where do I want to be in ten years? Yeah, those. With a ...
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Condom Run – How Getting Rubbers Saved My Life

Bringing a hot girl to my dorm room was not something I ever expected would happen to me. I’m not the popular type, never was. Hell, I’m a freaking nerd! Making out, however, felt great. Her lips were so soft, her kiss sensual, but domineering. She pushed me onto the ...
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Cleaning at Night Just Ain’t Right

If you’d asked me ten years ago where I’d see myself now, it definitely wouldn’t have been working at a cleaning company. No, back then, I had higher aspirations. I even dropped out of school chasing some vague, unrealistic dream. After things didn’t work out, I had to accept the ...
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A Needle in a Hay Stack

When I was a little boy, my two best friends, and I loved nothing more than to sneak into Old Herbert’s barn. Old Herbert had been a farmer all his life, one of the biggest in our small town. By now, though, he’d retired, and all that remained was an ...
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Family in Black and White

I loved old black-and-white photographs from the day my mother showed me the old photo albums of my grandparents. These tiny images were like windows to a different time, a different world even. With fascination I marveled at the huge old farmhouse my family used to live in a century ...
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The Bizarrie of Monsieur Delancey

Do you ever wonder why children see the world so differently? Why can they be so enchanted by the simplest and most mundane of things? I never bothered with things like this. Childhood was a thing of the past, and all its incredible sights had been replaced by logic and ...
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Choose Your Own Adventure

It was one of those days. You know, the ones when you feel a little lost when you’re looking for something. It’s just that you don’t know what it is. Just a nagging, little voice in the back of your head. After all, just one of those days. As I ...
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