10 Fantastic Thaumiel SCPs Worth Reading

Thaumiel SCPs are the most interesting and the rarest class of SCPs out there. They are anomalies that are used by the SCP Foundation to contain or otherwise inhibit other anomalies or entities.

When I put together my list of the best SCPs of all time, I read several Thaumiel SCPs, and I often enjoyed them.

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Many Thaumiel SCPs are amongst the most complex and interesting articles on the entire SCP-Wiki. I guess it’s got to do with their properties. These are not merely objects or entities that are contained. Instead, they are actively used by the SCP Foundation to contain or to protect against other entities, often those who are truly dangerous.

Thaumiel SCPs are amongst the rarest SCPs out there, but there are still some that are better than others. In this article I share with you my favorite ten Thaumiel SCPs.

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Meta Ike’s Proposal – The Solution by Jack Ike

The Solution is one of the more interesting Thaumiel SCPs because it doubles as an Apollyon SCP. If you read the article, you will soon learn why it has this dual nature. The Solution is probably the most complex and confusing Thaumiel SCP on this list. It’s an extremely well-written and well put-together Thaumiel SCP. And yet, you’ll most likely have to read it multiple times to understand it truly. There’s also a declassified thread on Reddit that can make things clear. It’s well worth it because once you truly understand this Thaumiel SCP, you will realize what a fantastic piece of work it is.

SCP-179 – Sauelsuesor by Dr Reach

Sauelsuesor was one of the first Thaumiel SCPs I ever read. While I wasn’t sure what to think about it at first, I truly came to enjoy it once I’d finished the article. This Thaumiel SCP details an entity in space which protects not only humanity, but the planet itself. What I came to enjoy truly, however, was the intriguing ending and its many implications. It’s truly a fantastic read.

SCP-2000 – Deus Ex Machina by HammerMaiden

Deus Ex Machina is one of the most popular Thaumiel SCPs. It contains not only a lot of scientific detail, but it also changed the supposed scale and power of the SCP Foundation markedly. Before Deus Ex Machina, the SCP Foundation was a secret organization containing dangerous entities and anomalous objects. After Deus Ex Machina, it became clear that the SCP Foundation is much, much more powerful. The reason is simple: the machine below Yellowstone is exactly that, a Deus ex machina. An absolutely outstanding article that became a cornerstone of SCP Foundation lore.

SCP-2003 – Preferred Option by Kalinin

Preferred Option was one of the first Thaumiel SCPs that featured different dimensions and realities. And yet, this Thaumiel SCP doesn’t merely center on different realities. Instead, it centers on using them to predict and change the future. It’s one of the most interesting Thaumiel SCPs on the page. What made this article truly great, however, was the very last addendum.

SCP-2932 – Titania’s Prison by djkaktus

Titania’s Prison is one of the Thaumiel SCPs that’s part of djkaktus’ universe. While I’m not too big a fan of his universe and Project Paragon, I enjoyed this article. As many other of djkaktus’ SCPs, it’s extremely well-written. The titular prison is a place that s like the SCP Foundation, one that imprisons powerful beings and entities. It’s a very interesting Thaumiel SCP, and one that works well, even outside of djkaktus’ universe and in relation with the overall SCP-Universe. What made the article so great were the descriptions of the various prisoners. As with many other SCPs by djkaktus, this is well worth reading.

SCP-3000 – Anantashesha by A Random Day, djkaktus, and Joreth

Anantashesha is one of the best Thaumiel SCPs and one of the best SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki. It’s one of the most complex and well-written Thaumiel SCPs of all time. The story starts out slowly, but quickly develops into an extremely engaging and complex one. It centers not merely on an anomalous entity or what it does, but on a multitude of other topics. These include personal journeys, religious beliefs, memory deterioration and much more. It’s without a doubt one of the best SCPs of all time and one anyone should read.

SCP-5004 – Megalomania – djkaktus

Megalomenia is probably the weirdest Thaumiel SCPs on this list. It’s a silly, even ridiculous comedy SCP, one reminiscent of the lolFoundation style popular during Series I and full of South Park-style humor. To describe this Thaumiel SCP in a few short sentences is almost impossible. It centers on a demon summoned in the early 20th century, the 2016 election, the SCP Foundation grand plan to manipulate it, Donald Trump and even Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a witch. It’s something and I’m sure it’s not for everyone. I, however, at a great time reading this one.

SCP-5935 – Blood and the Breaking of My Heart by djkaktus

This is another one of djkaktus Thaumiel SCPs. While I enjoyed many of his works, this one might be my absolute favorite of his. This Thaumiel SCP can be quite confusing, and I’m sure anyone who’s read it is left with quite a few questions. And yet, it’s still an absolutely fantastic read. What I loved the most was the writing, the way the story unfolded, and its emotional weight. An atmosphere of sadness, of being lost and desperate, hangs heavily over this SCP. It’s a tale about how far a father will go to save his son. It’s a truly powerful piece of work and one of the best on the entire SCP-Wiki.

SCP-6666 – The Demon Hector and the Dread Titania by djkaktus

This is one of the most complex and ambitious Thaumiel SCPs on this list. Written by the great djkaktus, one knows that the writing’s going to be outstanding. This Thaumiel SCP is full of world-building and references a variety of other SCPs, some part of djkaktus universe others not. What I thought was fantastically done was the revelation about SCP-343, which I found very satisfying. One thing I had mixed feelings about, however, were the changes to SCP-1000. I thought this new depiction was interesting enough, but a bit too different from the original SCP. Yet, it didn’t deter my enjoyment of the SCP much and I still believe it’s one of the best on the entire SCP-Wiki. Any fan of djkaktus’ work or his universe should read it.

SCP-6820 – TERMINATION ATTEMPT by Placeholder McD

TERMINATION ATTEMPT is another SCP that doubles as an Apollyon and Thaumiel SCP. It was created to solve a very specific problem, but soon gets out of control and causes a lot of problems for the SCP Foundation. What problem might it be? Well, those who are familiar with the SCP-Wiki might notice something about this Thaumiel SCPs number. It’s a love letter to the good old days, an homage to the days of termination logs and, when indestructible entities reigned supreme. And yet, it’s one of the most complex and in-depth Thaumiel SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki. The writing, the detail, the description, everything about this Thaumiel SCP is absolutely outstanding. It’s worth reading for any fan of the SCP-Wiki and its lore.

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