The 11 Best Series VI Scps of All Time

While I put together my list of the best SCPs of all time, I read quite a few of the Series VI SCPs.

Series VI brought new writers and fresh wind to the SCP-Wiki. Again, many writers would try out new things and toy with new ideas.

Format screws, multi-page articles, or entirely fresh forms of SCPs also became the norm during Series VI.

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While Series V had been full of horror, Series VI took a step away from it. Instead, Series VI brought forth a multitude of silly or humorous SCPs, many of which I enjoyed a lot.

The writing of the Series VI SCPs is on the same high level as those of Series V. I discovered many outstanding SCPs here, many of which I regard as the best SCPs of all time.

For this article, however, I want to present to you the eleven best Series VI SCPs of all time.

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-5000 – Why? by Tanhony

This was one of the first Series VI SCPs I read and before I reread it, I missed a lot. The world-building here’s fantastic and the series of events is great. While the story appears straightforward at first hand, it can also be confusing. While we get a series of events, we don’t seem to get any concrete answers. Yet, it doesn’t matter too much. The writing’s great, the events depicted are fantastic and the many other SCPs included or referenced here make it a delight to read.

SCP-5004 – Megalomania – djkaktus

Megalomania by djkaktus is another silly, comedy SCP, one reminiscent of the lolFoundation style popular during Series I. There’s a lot to unpack during this Series VI SCP. We got magicians and witches, demons, the 2016 election and the Foundation’s grand plan to manipulate it, Donald Trump and even Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a witch. It’s a fantastically mad SCP, one of the most ridiculous I’ve read on the entire SCP-Wiki. I’m sure this Series VI SCP won’t be for everyone, but for those who are into silly, South Park-style humor will enjoy it.

SCP-5005 – Lamplight by Tufto

Lamplight is yet another SCP by Tufto and as always it’s fantastically well done and one of the most well-written Series VI SCPs. Lamplight is the name of a place at the end of the multiverse. The most remote settlement created by any sentient creature. The place soon became an enclave for writers and artists of all sorts. I loved the world-building and the description of Lamplight itself, but more so the atmosphere that hung heavy over it. It was revealed to us via both the general descriptions, but mostly via the research of Junior Researcher Sofia Ramirez. The past part was the interview she had with the poet Juan Lumiere. There’s a feeling of nihilism here, the feeling of artists and writers being fascinated by death and the unknown. It’s a fantastic SCP, one full of outstanding descriptions, great dialogue and an extremely strong atmosphere.

SCP-5106 – Goosed by DrAkimoto

I’m usually wary of comedy SCPs. Many of them don’t really click with me. Goosed, however, is one of the funniest, most ridiculous Series VI SCPs of all time. I laughed out loud multiple times over this short SCP just for how silly it was. It’s a fantastic, unique Series VI SCP, one you should definitely check out.

SCP-5500 – Death of the Authors by Ihp

Meta-SCPs and pataphysics are hit or miss for me. This Series VI SCP is quite weird. Overall, it’s a continuation of Swann’s proposal, which stated that the authors of the SCP-Wiki are the true SCP-001. These writers are indeed real, but this Series VI SCP takes it even further. It’s about the interaction between the SCP Foundation and the writers, what happens when those writers die and what consequences it has for the world of the SCP Foundation. I think it’s one of the more interesting pataphysics SCPs and I think a lot of effort was put into it.

SCP-5552 – Our Stolen Theory by Captain Kirby

Time Travel can be one of the most ambitious topics in fiction. It’s hard to do it right and even harder to make it interesting. Our Stolen Theory, however, does exactly that, and it’s without a doubt one of the greatest Series VI SCPs out there. It’s not only extremely well-written but also extremely interesting. What makes it so fantastic are the characters, the science, the ending and, of course, the emotions. Our Stolen Theory is, without a doubt, one of the absolute best Series VI SCPs out there and it should be read by any fan of the SCP-Wiki.

SCP-5555 – Made in Heaven by A Random Day, Rounderhouse and Uncle Nicolini

Made in Heaven is another one of the more humorous Series VI SCPs, but it’s not a mere comedy SCP. While it starts out normal, it soon becomes more of a crime-noir action story. At the center of it is Everett Mann, who’s out to take revenge on the Administrator of the SCP Foundation, Francis Fritzwilliams. I had an absolute blast reading this Series VI SCP and how ridiculous all the characters were. It’s one of the most enjoyable, wild rides on the entire SCP-Wiki and especially the ending is fantastic. Just don’t take it too serious, however.

SCP-5657 – Nicki Knows by T Rutherford

Nicki Knows is one of the best Series VI SCPs and yet another horror SCP. I loved the atmosphere and the way this Series VI SCP was told. What starts out detailing Nicki Ludo’s earlier life and how she became a talk-show-host was interesting enough. Yet, we soon get to know the entities this Series VI SCP is all about and things go even better. What I truly loved, however, was the ending. The entire SCP just flows really well and is a delight to read.

SCP-5935 – Blood and the Breaking of My Heart by djkaktus

This is another one of the Series VI SCPs by djkaktus. This is probably my favorite work of his and one of the best Series VI SCPs of all time. There’s a lot to unpack here, and it can be quite confusing, but even if some questions remain open, it’s still a fantastic read. What’s great is not only the writing, but the way the story is told and ends. An overall atmosphere of sadness hangs heavy over this SCP, and it just shows how far a father will go for his son. A truly powerful work.

SCP-5956 – THEREISNOCANNON by HarryBlank

THEREISNOCANNON is another Series VI SCP, this one by HarryBlank, who’s one of the greatest writers on the SCP-Wiki. This Series VI SCP centers on a time-paradox, but one that’s truly complex and one that might be a bit too complex for some readers. It relies, however, heavily on other SCPs and one being familiar with the characters to have a real, emotional impact. Nonetheless, HarryBlank’s work is always worth reading, and this is without a doubt among the best and most complex Series VI SCPs out there.

SCP-5999 – This is Where I Died by Shaggydredlocks

This is Where I Die is another Meta-SCP and one of the most popular on the entire SCP-Wiki. I could see right away that a lot of work went into this Series VI SCP. I loved the overall idea of this SCP and I really enjoyed the individual stories. While I think the ending was kind of weak, I still enjoyed it thoroughly and I think it was one of the most creative Series VI SCPs out there.

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