14 Outstanding Lovecraftian SCPs Worth Reading

I’m a huge fan of the works of H. P. Lovecraft. He’s one of my favorite horror writers of all time. Therefore, I’m always happy when I come upon true Lovecraftian SCPs.

When I went through the SCP-Wiki to create my list of the best SCPs of all time, I was especially on the lookout for any Lovecraftian SCPs.

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There’s just something about eldritch and cosmic horrors that makes them so appealing.

While not all Lovecraftian SCPs I came upon were great, many others were fantastic.

That’s the reason I put together this short list of my 14 favorite Lovecraft SCPs.

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-093 – Red Sea Object by NekoChris

The Red Sea Object is amongst the most popular SCPs in Series I and also one of the best Lovecraftian SCPs. The anomalous object itself isn’t outstanding, or especially interesting, but the story told via the color tests is truly great. It is, however, quite a long read. While I thought some parts dragged on a little, the ending is fantastic and showcases the Lovecraftian terror at work here.

SCP-701 – The Hanged King’s Tragedy by tinwatchman

The Hanged King’s Tragedy is another early Lovecraftian SCP. While it details a play, its Lovecraftian influences become clear once the play is performed. We find detailed incident reports of several performances. These always go out of hand and the ominous figure of the Ambassador of Alagadda makes an appearance, who we should learn in SCP-2264, is a true Lovecraftian entity. Yet, even on its own, this Lovecraftian SCP holds up and serves as a classic amongst Series I SCPs.

SCP-1739 – Obsolete Laptop by Chubert

The SCP-Wiki is full of strange SCPs, amongst them Obsolete Laptop. One might wonder how dangerous an old laptop can be. If we trust this Lovecraftian SCP, it can serve as a serious existential thread. Yet, we also learn of the measures the Foundation will take to keep its world safe, which are more than questionable.

SCP-2264 – In the Court of Alagadda by Metaphysician

There are quite a few good Lovecraftian SCPs out there, but in the Court of Alagadda is my absolute favorite. While it starts out as nothing but a simple door, it’s soon discovered that this door leads to the interdimensional city state of Alagadda. It’s a place which is controlled by terrible, Lovecraftian entities. What makes this Lovecraftian SCP so great is the world-building, the descriptions of the city of Alagadda and, of course, the Ambassador of Alagadda. In the court of Alagadda is, without a doubt, amongst the best Lovecraftian SCPs.

SCP-2480 – An Unfinished Ritula by Metaphysician

An Unfinished Ritual is one of the longest Lovecraftian SCPs on the SCP-Wiki. The writing’s fantastic, and I loved the unnerving town and the weird events taking place there. Where it clearly stands out is in terms of disturbing imagery and the description of the strange fading creatures. It can, however, be a bit confusing, especially because of the inclusion of DMT. Still, in terms of pure Lovecraftian SCPs, it’s definitely worth reading.

SCP-2682 – The Blind Idiot by faminepulse

The Blind Idiot might be one of the few articles on the SCP-Wiki that succeeds in describing a truly alien entity. This Lovecraftian SCP describes what happens when said entity enters our universe. It’s an article that’s as strange as it is fascinating. The writing’s perfect and while I enjoyed the description of the entity itself, it was the dialogue that was truly outstanding. While The Blind Idiot might be the strangest Lovecraftian SCP on this list, I urge you to read it.

SCP-3000 – Anantashesha by A Random Day, djkaktus, and Joreth

Anantashesha is one of the most well-written Lovecraftian SCPs out there. Anyone who’s familiar with Lovecraft knows of his terrors below the sea, and Anantashesha checks all the right boxes. It’s a slow moving SCP that develops into a fantastic story. Anantashesha doesn’t just feature the description of a Lovecraftian entity, but much more. It’s a story of personal journeys, challenged believes and memory deterioration. Anantashesha is amongst the best Lovecraftian SCPs out there.

SCP-3003 – The End of History by Communism Will Win

The End of History is a fantastic Lovecraftian SCP out of Series IV. It comes with some of the best world-building on the SCP-Wiki and presents us with a society that’s as alien as it’s human. What I truly enjoyed were the descriptions of how this society function. Yet, the best part was the ending when we learn of the Lovecraftian terror lurking below its surface.

SCP-3004 – Imago by kinchtheknifeblade

Imago’s a Lovecraftian SCP that’s related to SCP-2852 – Cousin Johnny. While I was never a fan of Cousin Johnny, I absolutely loved Imago. It’s a vastly more complex work, featuring historical details and a deep relation to Christianity. In its latter half, however, we truly learn of the Lovecraftian entity at the center of Imago. It’s nothing short of terrifying and comes with an extremely well-done ending. Imago is clearly amongst the best Lovecraftian SCPs out there.

SCP-3007 – World of Two Artists by Zhange

World of Two Artists is another one of my absolute favorite Lovecraftian SCPs. It centers on a strange dream that people seem to be haunted by. The dream is always the same and centers on a derelict cityscape. Before long, however, we learn that there’s much more to these dreams and the city they showcase. What I loved the most about this Lovecraftian SCP were the artworks accompanying it, which showcase the true horror behind the dreams. While I loved the descriptions of the cityscape and the Lovecraftian implications, it’s the artworks that truly make World of Two Artists stand out.

SCP-3125 – The Escapee by qntm

The Escapee is a paradox, but that’s what makes it such a fantastic Lovecraftian SCP. How do you keep something contained you know nothing about? The descriptions in this article are fantastic and complex, but I truly came to love the mystery surrounding the supposed eldritch entity and the danger it holds. The Escapee is amongst the best SCPs in all of Series IV.

SCP-3930 – The Pattern Screamer by djkatus

Djkaktus’ Pattern Screamer is a Lovecraftian SCP I truly loved and amongst my absolute favorites on the entire SCP-Wiki. It detains an investigation of a space that isn’t there and what people who stare at it will see. As the outlandish investigation continues, things grow stranger and stranger. Eventually, however, we learn of the Pattern Screamers and just how dangerous they are. While it’s one of the strangest Lovecraftian SCPs on this list, it’s an absolute delight for anyone who loves weirder or more mysterious SCPs.

S. D. Locke’s Proposal – When Day Breaks by S D Locke

When Day Breaks is one of the few true Lovecraftian 001-proposals and also one of the most beloved by fans of the SCP-Wiki. Yet, it doesn’t concern an eldritch being entering our world, and instead with the sun. When it suddenly changes, it brings for an apocalypse like no other. When Day Breaks is, however, much more character-driven than one might expect from a Lovecraftian SCP. It essentially details how someone might handle this nightmarish apocalypse and how they come to terms with the world ending. It’s a truly fantastic 001-proposal and one of the best Lovecraftian SCPs.

Tufto’s Proposal – The Scarlet King by Tufto

The Scarlet King is one of the grandest, most artistic 001-proposals I’ve read and features a variety of philosophical musings. It’s incredibly well-written and features one of the SCP-Wiki’s most beloved creations, the Lovecraftian entity that is The Scarlet King. Yet, Tufto’s interpretation of the entity differs vastly from what we’re used to, but no less interesting. It’s my favorite 001-proposal.

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