15 Extremely Weird Creepypasta Anyone Should Read

Creepypasta is a divisive genre as you can see if you check out my list of the best creepypasta of all time. What used to be urban legends and scary stories shared via the internet has evolved into a genre of its own.

By now, there’s a plethora of creepypasta out there, as you can see in my list of the best creepypasta of all time.

While some creepypasta are scary and disturbing, others are sad or convey deeper meaning. Yet, there are some that can only be described as weird.

On this list, I want to share my favorite 15 weird creepypasta with you.

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15. Think Not of the Morrow

A picture of the weird creepypasta Think Not of the Morrow
Weird Creepypasta – Think Not of the Morrow

In this weird creepypasta, a man recounts the most fantastical story he’s ever heard. At the time of the story, the man was the headmaster at a primary school in Northamptonshire.

That day, a boy named Christopher was sent to his office. He was in a state of panic, confused, and mumbled to himself that things weren’t supposed to be like that.

After that, we hear the story Christopher told the headmaster.

Think Not of the Morrow is a great story, but what makes it a truly weird creepypasta is the unique and unsettling ending.

14. Burgrr Entries

A picture of the weird creepypasta Burgrr Entries
Weird Creepypasta – Burgrr Entries

Burgrr Entries sticks out even in a list of bizarre and weird creepypasta. It’s one of the most surreal pieces of fiction I’ve ever read.

This creepypasta is an apocalypse story, but one that’s different from any other. The end doesn’t come in the form of zombies, aliens, or natural disasters, but in the form of new fast food.

Even stranger, this new type of food is only available at weird take out windows that appear all over town. One such window suddenly appears at the side of the narrator’s home with no visible addition to the inside.

While the narrator sees the food as disgusting and weird, most other people act as if it’s completely normal and stand in line to get it. It seems only our narrator understands what’s really going on.

As the story continues, more and more people fall prey to the lure of this strange food. From here on out, the story also gets progressively stranger.

Burgrr Entries is a weird creepypasta, one that can get quite gross, but it’s also one of the most creative and surreal ones I’ve read.

It’s unfortunate that the story devolves into a drawn out fight and escape scenario in later parts. The overall plot and theme are interesting. It’s especially the early parts of this creepypasta that stand out for their gross and bizarre imagery.

13. Keep a Diary

A picture of the weird creepypasta Keep a Diary.
Weird Creepypasta – Keep a Diary

Keep a Diary was the first diary-type creepypasta I ever read. It’s also a rather unique and weird creepypasta.

The story starts with a man waking up in a giant, seemingly never-ending room. His only possession is a diary in which he details his experiences.

He’s afraid of what will happen to him, but every morning he’s provided with supplies that help him survive. At first, it’s only essentials such as food, water and clothing. Over time, however, he receives more supplies and even materials to build a shelter for himself.

Eventually, other people arrive.

Keep a Diary is a weird creepypasta, but also a very interesting one. The narrator’s earlier survival efforts, the creation of a small society and the diary format make it a rather unique experience.

It also muses on about some deeper themes that might make you ponder for a bit.

12. The Magician’s Game

A picture of the weird creepypasta The Magician's Game
Weird Creepypasta – The Magician’s Game

The Magician’s Game is a fantastic and weird creepypasta.

After one of his shows, our narrator Tom, receives a strange letter stating the game is on.

At first Tom wonders what’s going on, but soon accepts the situation. When a figure named Daburu shows himself, their game begins.

Yet, not all is as it seems and things soon get progressively stranger.

The Magician’s Game is a great story, but what makes it so special is the fantastic, unexpected ending.

11. The Memetic Symbol

A picture of the weird creepypasta The Memetic Symbol.
Weird Creepypasta – The Memetic Symbol

You sometimes stumble upon a story that’s so weird, you can’t help but wonder what you’re reading. The Memetic Symbol is one such tale and one of my favorite weird creepypasta.

Our narrator is a studier of memetic theories. One day while browsing the internet he comes upon a strange symbol. When he returns to the computer the next day, he realizes in shock that the symbol has not only affected his computer, but everything around it.

From here on out, the story continues as more and more of the narrator’s world is taken over by the strange symbol.

The Memetic Symbol is a short tale, but one that’s so outlandish and strange one can’t help but be reminded of other utterly bizarre and weird creepypasta.

10. Mice

A picture of the weird creepypasta Mice
Weird Creepypasta – Mice

Mice is yet another weird creepypasta I really enjoyed.

A nameless narrator talks about his colony of mice. Over the course of the story, he details how he takes care of them, how he trains them and that he’s their god.

Yet, this is a creepypasta and as so often in this medium, things might not be what they seem.

9. House of Rules

A picture of the weird creepypasta House of Rules
Weird Creepypasta – House of Rules

House of Rules was one of the first weird creepypasta I read and I loved it.

The narrator of the tale states he’s living in a house of rules, details how it influences his life. One might think the rules are enforced by the renting company or the neighbors. Instead, they are enforced by the house itself.

Whenever you don’t follow the rules, the house will punish you.

House of Rules is another quite creative story, one filled with an atmosphere of hopelessness and isolation.

It’s an interesting and weird creepypasta, one that’s a delight to read.

8. The Woman in the Oven

A picture of the weird creepypasta The Woman in the Oven
Weird Creepypasta – The Woman in the Oven

This short, weird creepypasta details a mysterious and inexplicable event.

In a quiet town in Minnesota, police uncover the charred body of a woman in a kitchen stove. What appears to be a suicide soon turns stranger when more details are revealed.

The Woman in the Oven is a short creepypasta, one more reminiscent of an urban legend. There’s no narration, no set up, no story, it merely explains a mysterious event.

It’s an unsettling tale, a weird creepypasta and one that makes you wonder what might have happened.

7. Cervin Birth

A picture of the weird creepypasta Cervin Birth
Weird Creepypasta – Cervin Birth

Cervin Birth centers on a strange video that was shared around the internet. The video was supposedly showcasing the birth of a blind deer.

After this, the story describes what the other videos by the creator of Cervin Birth contain.

Cervin Birth is another short creepypasta, merely detailing the contents of various, strange videos. Once again, there’s no narration. Instead the creepypasta is nothing more than a description of obscure videos.

Sometimes, less is more, and for Cervin Birth, it’s definitely the case.

6. String Theory

A picture of the weird creepypasta String Theory
Weird Creepypasta – String Theory

The theory of determines outlines that all events and all our actions are pre-determined by previously existing causes.

This theory, as well as the question if free will exists, are at the center of String Theory.

One morning, Martin, our narrator, wakes up and discovers strange strings have been put up in his room.

String Theory is a creative, but also very weird creepypasta. it describes a unique scenario, and it’s absolutely worth reading.

5. The Backrooms

A picture of the weird creepypasta The Backrooms
Weird Creepypasta – The Backrooms

The Backrooms is a more recent, yet quite weird creepypasta. It’s nothing but a strange picture and a description of what we’re seeing in it.

In essence, The Backrooms are the place you end up when you glitch through reality.

I love eerie ideas like this, especially since it’s depicted as something that could happen to anyone.

Should you ever end up in The Backrooms, there’s nothing you can do but wander those endless corridors forever and hope that the other things there don’t notice you.

4. The Dream of Every Dentist

A picture of the weird creepypasta The Dream of Every Dentist.
Weird Creepypasta – The Dream of Every Dentist

We’ve officially made it to bizarro world. The Dream of Every dentist might be the most unique and weirdest creepypasta I ever read.

In the story, a man in a black suit offers a group of dentists a large sum of money to reveal their dream to him. At first, the men say he won’t understand it before they eventually share it with him.

The Dream of Every Dentist is not only a weird creepypasta, but one that makes you squirm while reading it. When I first read it, I stared at the computer screen for quite a while, unsure what I’d just read and why I enjoyed it so much.

3. An Egg

A picture of the weird creepypasta An Egg
Weird Creepypasta – An Egg

Another amazing, yet entirely weird creepypasta.

An Egg centers on our existential fears and our search for meaning before it gives an answer them. This answer is one of the most interesting and remarkable ones I’ve come upon.

It’s a short creepypasta, but one that’s absolutely fascinating.

2. Dogscape

A picture of the weird creepypasta Dogscape
Weird Creepypasta – Dogscape

Dogscape is an utterly surreal and weird creepypasta, but also one of my all-time favorites.

The story centers on a single concept. What would happen if the entire earth would become a never-ending landscape made up of dogs?

In this strange world, the ground is covered entirely in dog fur. Strange dog trees and random dog heads are sprouting from it.

Dogscape is not a single story, but a collection of short, weird creepypasta detailing the life and survival of the people inhabiting this strange world.

The setting is as strange as it sounds, but the tales themselves are even weirder. We got to know weird dog cults. People are devoured by dog heads or become assimilated by the Dogscape itself.

While the quality of the individual tales varies in length and quality, I still think Dogscape is something any creepypasta fan needs to experience for themselves.

It is, however, a harsh world, full of gore, rape and many other atrocities.

If you like surreal and weird creepypasta, however, I am sure you will enjoy this unique collection of tales.

1. Candle Cove

A picture of the weird creepypasta Candle Cove
Weird Creepypasta – Candle Cove

Kris Straub’s Candle Cove is one of the most popular creepypasta of all time and was adapted as the first season of horror anthology series Channel Zero.

It’s not only a weird creepypasta, it’s also written in a very interesting format. The entire tale is written as a conversation in a thread on a message board.

The users partaking in the thread discuss a strange children’s TV show named Candle Cove. At first, they are reminiscing about their memories and nostalgia. As more people join the discussion, however, strange and stranger details are revealed about the show.

The reason Candle Cove is so popular and well-liked is, without a doubt, the unique format and the way it is told. What starts out as a group of people rekindling childhood nostalgia slowly turns into something unsettling.

While Candle Cove is not as bizarre as some other entries on this list, I still regard it as quite the weird creepypasta, both for its format and its content.

It’s a fantastic read and anyone who hasn’t heard about it should definitely check it out.

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