The 20 Best Series III SCPs of all Time

While I put together a list of the best SCPs of all time, I also read a lot of Series III SCPs.

During Series III, things grew in size. Over the course of Series III, there’d be much more world-building. We’d see higher concepts and quite a few of the best SCPs of all time.

Series III SCPs are often longer and more story-driven than those in earlier series. They are grander in style and often concern anomalous creatures and concepts different from what was there before. Series III SCPs weren’t just about monsters in cages. No, they were, at least at times, about entities that could threaten the entire SCP Foundation.

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Series III also gave us a clearer picture of the many groups of interest and their motifs.

During Series III, the tone of the SCP-Wiki changed once more. The grimdark tone of Series II was replaced by one that was more ambiguous. The SCP-Foundation was still an unethical organization, but all it did was to protect humanity and keep the world a safe place.

Series III as a whole is great, and it contains some of my favorite SCPs of all time. For this article, however, I want to present to you the twenty best Series III SCPs of all time.

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-2000 – Deus Ex Machina by HammerMaiden

Deus Ex Machina is a worthy winner for the SCP-2000 contest. It’s heavy on scientific detail, but it’s one of the most popular and important articles on the entire SCP-Wiki. It’s an SCP that changed the scale of the Foundation. What was once a secret organization that contained creepy objects and entities had now become something different, something much, much more powerful. For the machine bellow Yellowstone is exactly that, a Deus ex machina, and if you read this Series III SCP, you will find out exactly why.

SCP-2003 – Preferred Option by Kalinin

Preferred Option was one of the first SCPs I read that was about different realities and dimensions. This Series III SCP is special and doesn’t only talk about how to learn about the future, but also how to manipulate it. It’s one of the most interesting Series III SCPs and one I truly enjoyed. While I enjoyed the entire article, my favorite part was the last Addendum.

SCP-2030 – LA U GH IS F UN by PeppersGhost

LA U GH IS F UN is one of the most bizarre SCPs I ever read and it’s for this exact reason I like it so much. This Series III SCP concerns a television series, but things are much stranger than what one might expect. The reason I enjoyed it so much is just for how bizarre the imagery was and how detailed the descriptions were.

SCP-2075 – The Way of All Flesh by Metaphysician

The Way of All the Flesh is another one of the best Series III SCPs. What starts off with a strange man or entity who’s been alive for a long, long while soon goes down a different route. In its latter half, this Series III SCP becomes much more interesting. There’s even a little twist hidden at the end, one that makes the entire SCP so much better.

SCP-2132 – Most Dangerous Fighting Exhibition and Obstacle Resort by ahbonjour

A dangerous obstacle course is already a great idea, but this Series III SCP takes things even further. I really enjoyed the test logs and the results of different courses that were outlined, but it was the ending that made this Series III SCP so much better. It showed us that there were more things to this and that it was much more twisted than original thought.

SCP-2254 – The Demon La Hire and the Valley of Lust by djkaktus

The Demon La Hire and the Valley of Lust was one of the first SCPs by djkaktus I read and it’s a fantastic one. While it’s related to djkaktus’ greater universe, this Series III SCP works well on its own. It proves once again how far the Foundation will go to contain entities and what horrible things they will do. Yet, the entity, too, is terrifying. Even worse, however, are the implications near the end. Truly one of the best Series III SCPs out there.

SCP-2264 – In the Court of Alagadda by Metaphysician

In the Court of Alagadda is one of my favorite SCPs of all time. It’s one that hits all the right spots of Lovecraftian literature. What appears at first to be nothing but a simple door soon concerns itself with an interdimensional city state controlled by terrible entities. The descriptions are great, the world-building is fantastic and the Ambassador of Alagadda who learned about in SCP-701 proves to be a truly terrifying antagonist.

SCP-2399 – A Malfunctioning Destroyer by djkaktus

Here we got another space SCP, this one by no other than djkaktus. Once more, his writing’s fantastic and as a science-fiction fan, I really loved the entity this Series III SCP presents us with. What truly makes this a fantastic SCP, however, are the messages near the end.

SCP-2419 – The Laughing Man by The Great Hippo

The Laughing Man is another one of those Series III SCPs you love for how horrible it is. What’s described here is truly the stuff of nightmares. Once more, it shows what a horrible place the SCP Foundation can be and what they can do. The most interesting part, however, is that the doctor sees D-Class as nothing but irredeemable monsters. It’s, however, mainly because of his actions that they become exactly that. A truly brilliant Series III SCP.

SCP-2432 – Room Service by LordStonefish

Room Service is another truly weird and bizarre Series III SCP. The original entity, the room itself and the channels on the TV are great and weird all by themselves. What truly made this one of the best Series III SCPs, however, is the addendum. Here we learn the true horror of this Series III SCP. I absolutely loved it.

SCP-2498 – The Rainbow Body by minmin

The Rainbow Body is one of the most complex, thought out articles on the entire SCP-Wiki. It features a lot of historical tie-ins, scientific details and philosophical discussions. I enjoyed it a lot and many parts of it were outstanding, but I thought it was a bit too long. Overall, it’s an incredibly ambitious piece, and I’m sure a lot of effort went into it. For that alone, giving this article a read is well worth it.

SCP-2510 – Got A Secret, Can You Keep It? by Cerastes

Got A Secret, CAn You Keep it? is a different Series III SCP, but one that’s still creepy. The biggest question here is not what the secret itself is, but why and especially how it is hidden. It’s an interesting spin on trope of small towns who keep terrible secrets hidden.

SCP-2571 – Cragglewood Park by The Great Hippo

Cragglewood Park is a great horror SCP and one of the best Series SCPs. I loved the idea of strange dreams and hidden memories all concerning a creepy amusement park. The entire SPC is great, but it’s the implications near the end that make this one truly terrifying.

SCP-2614 – Sometimes I go Out in Pity for Myself by bbaztek

Sometimes I go Out in Pity for Myself is yet another SCP about recordings, but this time the concept is entirely different from what we’ve seen before. It’s not about a strange recording, but being able to move around inside the recording of a TV-show or movie. From here on out, however, you can go even deeper and enter other recordings that are shown within the recording you’re currently in. The creativity that went into this idea is great, and slowly, as we continue reading, things turn stranger and stranger.

SCP-2682 – The Blind Idiot by faminepulse

The Blind Idiot is a Series III SCP about an alien entity that ends up in our universe. It’s one of the strangest, yet best SCPs I’ve ever come upon. The description of the entity and especially the dialogues are nothing short of fantastic. It’s the best depiction of an alien entity I’ve come upon in the SCP-Wiki’s entirety. An absolutely outstanding and well-written Series III SCP.

SCP-2695 – Lucibelle Perhacs by Accelerando

Lucibelle Perhacs has to be one of the most horrifying body horror SCPs on the entire page. Needles can be terrifying, but this Series III SCP makes this much, much worse. The descriptions in this SCP didn’t just make me uncomfortable, they made me cringe multiple times. It’s for this exact reason I love this Series III SCP so much. Other horror SCPs are scary or creepy, but this one takes it to an entirely different level.

SCP-2728 – On the Barcelona Skyline by DarkStuff

On the Barcelona Skyline is another bizarre Series III SCP. There’s just something about weird SCPs like this one that I came to truly enjoy. The descriptions are great and the anomalous object is quite the creative idea.

SCP-2740 – It Wasn’t There by djkaktus

There are many weird SCPs on the SCP-Wiki, but this one’s by the great djkaktus. The less is said about this SCP, the better. Read it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s definitely one of the best Series III SCPs out there.

SCP-2747 – As below, so above by minmin

There are quite a few Meta-SCPs out there, many of which are good, but this one by minmin has to be the best one out of all of them. The writing is great, but the incidents and the media described are both extremely well done and really creative. What makes it truly great, however, are the implications at the end. The words ‘DATA LOST’ have never been as scary as in this Series III SCP.

SCP-2932 – Titania’s Prison by djkaktus

Titania’s Prison is yet another SCP that’s part of djkaktus’ greater universe. I really enjoyed it, like many other parts of Project Paragon, but I have to admit that they aren’t really my type of content. Titania’s Prison, however, is extremely well-written and concerns the titular prison. It’s a place that contains or imprisons powerful entities and beings. It’s an interesting piece, one that ties in well with many other parts of the overall SCP-Universe. What I truly liked, however, was the description of the various prisoners. Once more, djkaktus delivers a truly great Series III SCP.

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