20 Series II SCPs that Any SCP Fan Should Read

When I put together my list of the best SCPs of all time, I read a lot of Series II SCPs.

Series II was a time when a lot of things changed for the SCP-Wiki. It can be best described as a deconstruction of Series I.

Series I was a time when the SCP-Wiki didn’t have a general tone. Some people wrote more realistic pieces. Others wrote articles of a more wacky and over-the-top nature. These over-the-top articles would later be known as lolFoundation. In them, the SCP Foundation is a crazy place, one populated by insane characters.

These articles were soon frowned upon. Instead, we got Series II, in which the SCP-Wiki grew grimdark in tone. The world of the SCP Foundation transformed into a cold, hard place. Many of the articles in Series II mirror this in tone by being depressing and grim.

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The SCP-1000 contest also influenced Series II markedly. Because of it, the SCP-Wiki moved away from its horror roots and included articles cantered around folklore, the fantastical and the unusual.

Series II was also the first time format screws were featured on the SCP-Wiki. These SCPs moved away from the more normal, general SCP format, disregarded it or included other elements.

Series II can be best seen as a transitional period in which the SCP-Wiki moved away from its horror roots and more towards the grander, more scientific style common in Series III.

Series II is very well worth reading. Many of the Series II SCPs are amongst the best on the SCP-Wiki. In this article, I want to present to you my favorite 20 Series II SCPs.

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-1025 – Encyclopedia of Diseases by Lasergoose

Encyclopedia of Diseases is a fantastic Series II SCP. What makes it so interesting are the actual properties of the SCP and what happened throughout the many experimentation logs. The ending, however, and the revelation it contains is what makes it truly great.

SCP-1048 – Builder Bear by trennerdios

Builder Bear is one of the most fucked up Series II SCPs and one ripe with body horror. The object itself seems safe, even adorable. Eventually, however, it turns out that it’s a truly terrifying entity. Even worse are the additional entities the Builder Bear created and what they did. It’s truly the stuff of nightmares.

SCP-1157 – Bifurcating Man by Ink Asylum

Bifurcation Man is one of the more interesting and fun Series II SCPs. And yet, it still proves to be truly dangerous to the SCP Foundation. At the outset, this Series II SCP seems more like a joke and even develops in a more amusing way. At the ending, however, as ridiculous as this SCP is, you’re left with a feeling of genuine danger.

SCP-1193 – Buried Giant by ophite

Buried Giant is one of the strangest Series II SCPs and one of the strangest SCPs in general. It’s truly bizarre. The descriptions are weird enough, but the interview truly makes you wonder what’s going on here. If you check out the author commentary in the discussion, you learn that there’s another, entirely different level to this SCP. I’m sure it will make you ponder about this SCP.

SCP-1281 – The Harbinger by DrEverettMann

The Harbinger was the very first space SCPs I read. The writing in this Series II SCP and the emotional impact is truly fantastic. What I love the most, however, is one a single the SCP contains: ‘One voice is small, but the difference between zero and one is as great as one and infinity.’ It’s truly a great SCP and one of the most emotional on the entire SCP-Wiki.

SCP-1313 – Solve for Bear by MaliceAforethought

Solve for Bear is probably one of the dumbest, most ridiculous Series II SCPs. It centers on a strange, mathematical equation which, when solved, has a very strange result. What can I say about this SCP? It’s ridiculous, it’s dumb, but that’s what makes it so great. When I was done reading it, I couldn’t help but sit here, laughing and shaking my head.

SCP-1342 – To the Makers of Music by FlameShirt

To the Makers of Music is another space SCP and one of the best Series II SCPS of all time. It’s a fantastic SCP, one that comes with some fantastic descriptions and extremely interesting world-building. What makes it truly great, however, is once more the emotional impact it provides. It’s a truly outstanding SCP.

SCP-1440 – The Old Man from Nowhere by Dmatix

The Old Man from Nowhere is another extremely interesting Series II SCP. It’s not about a dangerous entity or monsters, but about a man who’s followed by them. While the man itself holds no danger, the danger comes from what follows him and being around him. The greatest thing about this SCP, however, is the interview in which the man talks about the entities following him.

SCP-1562 – Tunnel Slide by trennerdios

Tunnel Slide is another truly weird SCP. The general idea is silly, ridiculous even, but the way it’s told and unfolds is utterly creepy, unsettling and most of all mysterious. It’s one of those SCPs that’s not trying to explain the horror, but that simply plays it out. All we get is the pure horror in the form of various audio logs. It’s for this reason I consider it one of the best Series II SCPs.

SCP-1678 – UnLondon by AstronautJoe

UnLondon is another one of the most fascinating Series II SCPs. The city, its description and the mystery surrounding it are well done. Even better, however, are the various entities populating it. Yet, there’s more to UnLondon. There are implications about it. UnLondon can be seen as an Orwellian nightmare, but there’s a reason for it. I truly came to enjoy this Series II SCP, especially for its world-building and the description of the strange city of UnLondon.

SCP-1689 – Bag of Holding Potatoes by llama66613

Bag of Holding Potatoes is another truly bizarre SCP. One might wonder what’s so bad about a bag holding an infinite amount of potatoes. Once one reads the exploration log about the place the potatoes come from, one will know. It’s one of the weirdest, yet greatest, exploration logs on the entire page. I truly loved this strange Series II SCP.

SCP-1692 – Came Back Haunted by AndarielHalo

Came Back Haunted is another creepy horror SCP and one of the best Series II SCPs. It’s an SCP that’s very reminiscent of the good old creepypasta. It’s pure horror, pure weirdness and once again, no explanation is given or needed for it to work. No, the mystery’s itself makes it so much creepier. It’s truly one of the best horror SCPs in Series II.

SCP-1733 – Trapped in a Game by bbaztek

Trapped in a Game is one of my absolute favorite Series II SCPs. It’s nothing but a recording of the season opening game of 2010-2011. When watching the recording, however, certain people noticed strange details. This might not sound outstanding, but once you get to the experimentation log, you will understand why this SCP is as popular as it is. It’s an absolutely outstanding piece of writing and one of the most creative Series II SCPs.

SCP-1739 – Obsolete Laptop by Chubert

You might wonder what could be dangerous about an old laptop. If you read this SCP, however, you will soon notice why it’s so dangerous. Obsolete Laptop is one of the best Series II SCPs out there. It also presents one of the most serious and existential threads in all of Series II. It also proves once more just how far the Foundation will go. Another truly fascinating SCP.

SCP-1755 – Cotton Blight by Anaxagoras

Cotton Blight is another truly ridiculous Series II SCP. The overall SCP, as well as the events depicted, are truly interesting, but the greatest part is the ending. The moment I finished the article, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It’s a truly great Series II SCP, especially if you consider how serious most of the article and how ridiculous the ending is.

SCP-1859 – Life Over Geological Time by Flah

Life Over Geological Time is another truly great Series II SCP. It’s heavy on scientific details, very heavy. It’s worth reading, however, and the descriptions of the Cradle of Life, the way the scientists talk about it, and the ending make it very much worth reading. I really loved it.

SCP-1861 – The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer by PeppersGhost

The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer is another fantastic horror SCP. I love the HMS Wintersheimer and its description, but most of all, I love the interview log with the D-Class, who became part of its crew. It’s another, entirely bizarre and weird SCP, once more with no explanation. And yet, the horror works fantastically and proves to be one of the best Series II SPCs of all time.

SCP-1972 – Escort and Officer by Ihp and Djoric

Escort and Officer is another truly weird and ridiculous Series II SCP. It details two strange, alien entities in Foundation custody. One is a strange, multi-limbed organism working as an escort. The other is a metallic sphere, an officer, who’s out to bring the escort to justice for her crimes. This might sound strange enough, but it’s the interviews with both entities that reveal how truly ridiculous this SCP is. The ending had me at a loss for words and I sat there, laughing and shaking my head.


RONALD REAGAN CUT UP WHILE TALKING is another SCP about a weird recording. I really enjoyed the weirder Series II SCPs, and this one is among the weirdest. I love the description of the recordings. The more Reagan’s body gets torn and cut apart, the more nonsensical his speech becomes. And yet, there’s even more to this recording as we learn near the end of this Series II SCP.

SCP-1986 – Imaginary Library by Requitefahrenheit

As someone who loves books, I love SCPs about books and libraries. This Series II SCP is the best of both. Imaginary Library is just that, a strange, never-ending library full of books never seen before. What’s truly great, however, are the various books and their descriptions. It’s a weird, yet extremely creative SCP, one I couldn’t help but love.

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