37 Terrifying Horror SCPs Any Fan Should Read

The SCP-Wiki has its roots in the internet horror or creepypasta genre. That’s the reason many early SCPs can be considered Horror SCPs.

When I created my list of the best SCPs, I came upon quite a few Horror SCPs. While I enjoyed a lot of other SCPs as well, I always had a soft spot for the true Horror SCPs.

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There’s just something about horrible, dangerous or even eldritch entities who prey on humanity.

That’s the reason I put together this list of my favorite 37 Horror SCPs.

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SCP-002 – The “Living” Room

The “Living” Room is a great example of an early Horror SCP, and a bizarre one at that. While an organic entity taking on the form of a room is scary enough, there’s even more to this Horror SCP. It’s a great and disturbing example of horror done right.

SCP-231 – Special Personnel Requirements by DrClef

Special Personnel Requirements is one of the earliest and most popular Horror SCPs on the SCP-Wiki. Almost everyone who’s spent some time on it has heard about the infamous procedure 110-Montauk. It showcases to what lengths the Foundation will go to keep the world safe. The most interesting part, however, and what makes it work so well, is that the procedure’s details are entirely omitted. This, however, works incredibly well, for it makes the reader not only wonder, but imagine that the procedure might entail.

SCP-342 – A Ticket to Ride by name

A Ticket to Ride might not sound like a Horror SCP, but once you read it, you will realize just how nightmarish and deadly a single mass transit ticket can be. While it’s one of the longer Horror SCPs on this list, it’s a fantastic read. What I came to enjoy the most were the outlandish details, the exploration logs and the ending.

SCP-400 – Beautiful Babies by HammerMaiden

Series I is full of Horror SCPs. This one, however, might be one of the most disturbing Horror SCPs of all time. Beautiful Babies is pure and utter nightmare fuel. All the details described in this Horror SCP are nothing short of horrifying. What really drives the point home, however, is the interview.

SCP-439 – Bone Hive by Multimoog

Body Horror has always been one of my favorites and this Horror SCP doesn’t disappoint. The idea, the descriptions and the details make it one of the most horrifying and disturbing SCPs out there. Once again, however, it’s the ending, the last line, that makes this Horror SCP one of the best.

SCP-610 – The Flesh that Hates by NekoChris

The Flesh that Hates is one of the most popular, if not the most popular Horror SCP on the entire SCP-Wiki. It’s remained a fan-favorite to this day. It’s the stuff of nightmares and comes with fantastic imagery and great descriptions of the various flesh organisms. What I loved the most, however, were the exploration logs that slowly reveal more and more about the horrors at play in this fantastic Horror SCP.

SCP-701 – The Hanged King’s Tragedy by tinwatchman

Here we have another great Horror SCP from Series I. The Hanged King’s tragedy details a play by the same name and describes it in detail. The horror, however, is not in the play itself, but the incidents that happen when it’s performed. We’re presented with the reports of various incidents, many of which feature the ominous figure of the Ambassador of Alagadda. It’s a fantastic Horror SCP whose principal antagonist we’ll meet again in SCP-2264, another fantastic SCP.

SCP-882 – A Machine by Dr Gears

Some SCPs tell grand stories or comprise complicated mysteries. Yet, there’s also those who are simple and describe nothing but a dangerous anomalous object. A Machine is one of the latter, but it does everything it does right. For this reason and the interview in the addendum, this Horror SCP still holds up today.

SCP-1048 – Builder Bear by trennerdios

Builder Bear is amongst the most twisted Horror SCPs of Series II. While the object itself might appear safe, adorable even, there’s much more to it. For Builder Bear, creates copies of itself and we find out not only what they are but how they are created. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

SCP-1562 – Tunnel Slide by trennerdios

I’m a huge fan of weird SCPs and Tunnel Slide is one of the weirdest Horror SCPs out there. While the idea is silly, ridiculous even, it makes up for it by its descriptions. It’s a creepy, unsettling and mysterious Horror SCP. The best part about it, however, is the pure horror of the audio logs.

SCP-1692 – Came Back Haunted by AndarielHalo

Came Back Haunted is one of the best and creepiest Horror SCPs of Series II. This Horror SCP is very reminiscent of earlier creepypasta and urban legends. We don’t get any explanation for the mysterious events taking place. Instead, all we get is pure horror and pure weirdness. Leaving the mystery intact works in this Horror SCPs favored and is exactly what makes it so great.

SCP-1861 – The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer by PeppersGhost

This list should prove that I’m a big horror fan and The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer is amongst the best Series II Horror SCPs. I loved the descriptions of the titular HMS Wintersheimer, but the greatest part was the final interview log. It details what a D-Class experienced after he became part of the Wintersheimer crew. It’s a fantastic Horror SCP, one that’s incredibly strange and bizarre.

SCP-2030 – LA U GH IS F UN by PeppersGhost

There are many bizarre Horror SCPs out there, but LA U GH IS F UN might be the most bizarre one I’ve read. It concerns a TV show by the same name that’s much more bizarre than anyone could expect. While this Horror SCP can be a bit too random and weird and might not be for everyone, but I loved it for the sheer bizarreness of it all.

SCP-2075 – The Way of All Flesh by Metaphysician

Here we have another fantastic Series III Horror SCP. At first, it introduces us to a strange man, an entity who’s supposedly been alive for centuries. Before long, however, things move toward an entirely different and much more horrifying conclusion. It’s the latter half which makes it such a fantastic Horror SCP.

SCP-2254 – The Demon La Hire and the Valley of Lust by djkaktus

This was one of the first djkaktus SCPs I read. Back then, I didn’t know The Demon La Hire and the Valley of Lust was part of djkaktus’ greater universe, yet it worked very well knowing nothing about it. This Horror SCP showcases once more how far the Foundation will go to contain entities and the atrocities it’s willing to commit. While the entity this Horror SCP is about is terrifying enough, the final implications make it even better.

SCP-2419 – The Laughing Man by The Great Hippo

The Laughing Man is another truly fantastic Horror SCP. The Great Hippo truly brings forth the stuff of nightmares. Like in many other Horror SCPs, we witness that the Foundation can be a truly terrible place. Interestingly, the doctor thought of D-Class as nothing but irredeemable monsters, but it’s only because of this that he took the actions that eventually made them exactly that. A truly brilliant Horror SCP by one of the SCP-Wiki’s best writers.

SCP-2571 – Cragglewood Park by The Great Hippo

Cragglewood Park is yet another Horror SCP by The Great Hippo and one of my absolute favorites. It’s a combination of strange dreams, hidden memories and a creepy theme park, tropes that I always found fascinating. While I loved the unsettling descriptions of the park, the implications near the end make this Horror SCP truly fantastic.

SCP-2695 – Lucibelle Perhacs by Accelerando

Most readers might think the best Horror SCPs are Keter-class. Lucibelle Perhacs, however, is a Safe SCPs, and it’s one of the most disturbing body horror SPCs on the entire SCP-Wiki. Needles are scary enough, but this SCP takes things much, much further. The detailed descriptions will not only make you uncomfortable, they will make you cringe. It’s exactly this slow, detailed the development that makes this Horror SCP so great. While there are many scary and disturbing Horror SCPs out there, this one takes things to an entirely different level.

SCP-3000 – Anantashesha by A Random Day, djkaktus, and Joreth

Anantashesha is one of the most well-written SCPs out there. While this Horror SCP starts slowly, it soon develops into a fantastic story. It not only comprises descriptions of the entity itself, but much more. It’s a tale about personal journeys, believes, and memory deterioration. Anantashesha is amongst the best Horror SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki and any fan should read it.

SCP-3001 – Red Reality by OZ Ouroboros

This Horror SCP tells the story of Dr. Scranton, who gets transported and trapped in a paradoxical pocket dimension or non-dimension as we come to learn. What I came to enjoy the most about this Horror SCP were the logs. They paint a picture of a man lost, trapped, and alone whose body and mind are slowly eroding. It’s a Horror SCP that’s both sad and disturbing. Read Reality packs quite a punch and is one of the best Horror SCPs of all time.

SCP-3004 – Imago by kinchtheknifeblade

I was never a big fan of SCP-2852 – Cousin Johnny. It felt a like a collection, like needless gore and body horror. Image ties into it, but it’s a vastly more complex work. It’s a much longer read with various ties into Christianity. What I loved the most about this Horror SCP, however, was the Lovecraftian entity and the extremely well-done ending.

SCP-3007 – World of Two Artists by Zhange

World of Two Artists is among my absolute favorite Horror SCPs. At first, it seems to focus on nothing but a series of strange reoccurring dreams about a derelict cityscape. As things continue, however, it becomes much scarier and complex as more and more details about these dreams are revealed. What I loved the most about this Horror SCP was the artworks showcasing the true horror behind the dreams. These artworks, the descriptions of the desolate cityscape and the Lovecraftian implications all come together as an outstanding SCP.

SCP-3008 – The Infinite IKEA by Mortos

The Infinite IKEA is one of the most popular extra-dimensional Horror SCPs out there. I always loved these types of Horror SCPs and this is amongst the best of them. The idea of being trapped in a world that’s nothing but a giant IKEA is great, but the diary entries make it truly fantastic. It’s a Horror SCP that’s as fascinating as it is creative.

SCP-3034 – The Counting Station by The Great Hippo

This Horror SCP centers on an ominous counting station. Yet, it contains much more than merely a description of the anomaly itself. Over various interviews, audio analysis, and incident logs, the mystery of the titular counting station is slowly revealed, yet never truly explained. It’s a fantastic Horror SCP, but its ending makes it truly great.

SCP-3117 – A Monster-Shaped Hole by The Great Hippo

A Monster-Shaped Hole is another Horror SCP on this list written by The Great Hippo, yet it proves to be his most original. It doesn’t center on an actual entity or monstrous creature, but on our thoughts and imagination. It’s this unique, shifted focus that makes it one of the best Horror SCPs out there.

SCP-3288 – The Aristocrats by Metaphysician

What starts out with a series of murder cases in Vienna is soon revealed to be much, much bigger. The Aristocrats is one of the longest Horror SCPs on this list, but also one of the best. It’s well written and tells a fascinating story. I loved everything about this Horror SCP. While it takes some historical liberties, of course, it never bothered me. It’s a fantastic read from beginning to end and one of my absolute favorite Horror SCPs.

SCP-3333 – Tower by Jekeled

I’ve always enjoyed extra-dimensional SCPs and Tower is one of the absolute best. This Horror SCP concerns a normal fire lookout. The only strange thing appears to be a top door. When opened, it doesn’t lead to the lookout’s roof, but to yet another similar lookout with another similar top door. This creates a tower and as we learn from the many exploration logs, things get stranger the higher one climbs it. While many parts of this Horror SCP are unsettling and creepy, it’s the final exploration log that’s truly terrifying. It’s here we finally learn what’s at the top of the tower and what happens to those who reach it.

SCP-3515 – Unearth by psul

Unearth is quite the bizarre Horror SCP, but on I truly enjoyed reading. It combines surreal and nightmarish imagery with the feeling of being stuck and an almost feasible claustrophobia. What I really loved about this Horror SCP, however, were the dialogues. They are heavy with emotions and a feeling of utter futility.

SCP-3739 – Mind-Milk™ by Moosphere, Inc. by Lt Flops

While there are many bizarre Horror SCPs out there, Mind-Milk™ by Moosphere, Inc. is amongst the most bizarre ones. It tells a story full of surreal ideas and bizarre imagery. When a disgusting new milk product becomes popular, strange things happen, including people turning into udders. While I thought this Horror SCP was hard to follow, it makes up for it by the sheer outlandishness of its ideas. If you love bizarre Horror SCPs, you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

SCP-3930 – The Pattern Screamer by djkaktus

Djkaktus has written quite a few SCPs, many of which are part of his bigger universe. The Pattern Screamer, however, is a standalone Horror SCP, and one I truly love. It’s probably my favorite of the many SCPs djkaktus has written over the years. It concerns a space that isn’t there and what people see if they stare at it. As we follow along with an investigation, we witness just how outlandish the events at play are. This Horror SCP is amongst the strangest, most unsettling I’ve read and a delight for any fan of Horror SCPs.

SCP-3989 – The Bone Orchard by HammerMaiden

The Bone Orchard is a Series IV Horror SCP about sarkicism. It details the exploration of a space-time anomaly found in Syria. As we learn from the many exploration logs, there’s much more going on than at first thought. I truly came to enjoy the story told, the detailed descriptions and the outlandish imagery. The only problem I have with The Bone Orchard is how heavy on references to and information from other SCPs related to sarkicism it is.

SCP-4205 – In The Eyes of the Beholder by Woedenaz

In the Eyes of the Beholder is a Horror SCP that comes as a format screw, and one of the best on the entire SCP-Wiki. It’s a long read, and so strange you will wonder just what’s going on multiple times. What made this Horror SCP so great, however, was the visual representation and the twist ending.

SCP-4511 – SWINE GOD. by DrAnnoyingDog and Rounderhouse

SWINE GOD is a Horror SCP that’s reminiscent of the SCP-Wiki’s early days of pure horror. It details a mechanical construction resembling a pig in the basement of a meatpacking factory. It comes with its share of fucked up and detailed imagery as experiments and test logs. We soon learn, however, just how much more there is to this object. I truly loved SWINE GOD because it was not only a well done SCP, but a true Horror SCP.

SCP-4666 – The Yule Man by Hercules Rockefeller

I absolutely love the Yule Man and it’s my favorite Horror SCP. What’s described in this SCP is pure nightmare fuel. We learn of an entity that always shows up around Christmas. It targets families, and either leaves them disgusting toys, or murders them, always kidnapping a single child. While the details of these visitations are horrible enough, it’s the final interview that elevates this Horror SCP to greatness. It’s without a doubt amongst the SCP-Wiki’s most twisted and best entries.

SCP-5657 – Nicki Knows by T Rutherford

Nicki Knows is my favorite Horror SCP in Series VI. I loved it right from the start and enjoyed the story about Nicki Ludo’s life immensely. Things got even better in the second half because we finally learn about the entities this Horror SCP is actually about. Once more, however, it’s the ending that makes this Horror SCP truly stand out. It’s nothing short of satisfying and an absolute delight to read.

SCP-6670 – “Mama?” by Ecronak

The SCP-Wiki originated as a place where creepypasta as scientific documents was shared. Over the years, the focus of the SCP-Wiki changed and broadened, including a variety of genres, yet one can still find quite a few true Horror SCPS. “Mama?” is one of the newer ones, and it’s amongst the most bizarre, disturbing and sad Horror SCPs I’ve come upon. It’s well-written and showcases some powerful emotions throughout. It’s, however, the ending that brings it all together and will make you cringe. “Mama?” is one of the best horror SCPs and amongst the most disturbing of all time.

S. D. Locke’s Proposal – When Day Breaks by S D Locke

When Day Breaks is one of the few true Horror 001-proposals and also one of the most popular. It details what happens when a sudden change to the sun brings forth an apocalypse like no other. While it’s a Horror SCP, it’s also has a much more character-driven narrative than many other, similar SCPs. It showcases how someone might handle this nightmarish apocalypse and how they come to terms with the end of the world as they know it. It’s a truly fantastic read and any fan of Horror SCPs.

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