The 41 Best Euclid SCP Any SCP Fan Should Read

When I scoured the SCP-Wiki to put together my list of the best SCPs of all time, I came upon a multitude of Euclid SCPs. They describe anomalies or anomalous objects which require more resources to be safely contained, but whose containment isn’t always reliable.

Euclid SCPs are the most common class on the SCP-Wiki. They describe a wide variety of anomalous objects, and newly discovered SCPs are usually presumed to fall into this group.

Euclid SCP Intro
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They also comprise objects which are autonomous, sentient or sapient because of their inherent unpredictability.

Overall, Euclid SCPs are massively popular, the biggest object class, and can vary widely in quality. That’s the reason I put together a list of my favorite 41 Euclid SCPs on the SCP-Wiki

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-002 – The “Living” Room

The “Living” Room is a great and bizarre, early Euclid SCP. However, it’s also strangely scary. An organic entity taking on the form of an actual room is scary enough, but there’s more to the object that makes it even scarier. It’s a fantastic and disturbing example of an early Euclid SCP done right.

SCP-024 – Game Show of Death by SpoonOfEvil

Game Show of Death is another early Euclid SCP. It describes exactly that the title says, a bizarre and deadly game show which takes place at a certain abandoned warehouse. The games always center on a long, elaborate and most of all, dangerous obstacle course. While the idea isn’t the unique, it comes with enough odd details still make for an interesting read.

SCP-093 – Red Sea Object by NekoChris

The Red Sea Object is amongst the most popular Euclid SCPs in Series I and remains a fan favorite to this day. The anomalous object isn’t too outstanding, or interesting, but the story told via the color tests is truly great. Yet, it’s quite a long, a very long read. While I thought some parts dragged on a little, it’s the end that makes this Euclid SCP truly fantastic and worth reading.

SCP-184 – The Architect by Dr Gears

The Architect is amongst my absolute favorite Euclid SCPs of all time. While the anomalous object and its properties are interesting enough it’s the addendum that makes it truly stand out. Set in Kowloon Walled City, it describes a variety of explorations with the goal of finding The Architect. The descriptions of someone who’s traveling through ever-expanding labyrinthine and distorted rooms are nothing short of fantastic.

SCP-342 – A Ticket to Ride by name

Before reading this Euclid SCP, one might wonder how dangerous a mass transit ticket can be. If you believe this SCP, it can bring forth a truly nightmarish and even deadly experience. While it’s another longer Euclid SCP, it’s amongst the best of Series I. I truly enjoyed the many outlandish details, the exploration logs and the ending of this Euclid SCP.

SCP-400 – Beautiful Babies by HammerMaiden

Euclid SCPs come in a variety of forms and genres. Series I is mostly known for its horror roots, so it’s not surprising it comprises a variety of terrifying and disturbing SCPs. Beautiful Babies is one of the most disturbing Euclid SCPs of all time. Everything described in it is truly horrifying, but what really drives the point home is the interview at the very end.

SCP-439 – Bone Hive by Multimoog

Body horror has always been a genre I truly enjoyed, and this Euclid SCP doesn’t disappoint. It’s amongst the most horrifying SCPs I’ve come upon. The descriptions are nothing short of terrifying, disturbing, and disgusting. Yet, it’s the ending, the single last line that makes everything in this Euclid SCP so much worse.

SCP-453 – Scripted Nightclub by Erku

The Scripted nightclub is a terrific read. It’s one of the best Early Euclid SCPs. While I enjoyed the descriptions of the club itself, it’s the different scripts which are truly outstanding. The article provides us only three of them, but each one of them is fascinating and well-written. It remains one of my all-time favorite Euclid SCPs of Series I.

SCP-701 – The Hanged King’s Tragedy by tinwatchman

The Hanged King’s Tragedy is yet another fantastic early Euclid SCP. I really enjoyed the idea of the play and its details. What made it so much better, however, were the strange incidents reported during its performance. These are presented to us as incident reports. And who could forget the ominous figure of the Ambassador of Alagadda who we’ll meet again in another fantastic SCP-2264. Yet, even own its own, this Euclid SCP, serves to be a classic amongst Series I.

SCP-748 – Industrial Dissolution by Metaphysician

This Euclid SCP is another take on Admin Bright’s SCP-001 proposal, The Factory. In Bright’s proposal, The Factor is described as the origin of the SCP Foundation. This Euclid SCP, however, provides us with an entirely different take on the Factory. I enjoyed this SCP a lot more than Bright’s original. Each single part of this Euclid SCP is great, but once again, the ending makes it truly fantastic.

SCP-882 – A Machine by Dr Gears

A Machine is as simple as classic Euclid SCPS go. There’s no grand or expansive story to be found here, no ambiguity. It’s merely the description of a dangerous and mysterious object. Where it truly shines, however, is during the interviews in the addendum. While this Euclid SCP might be simple, it does everything it does right and still holds up today.

SCP-1342 – To the Makers of Music by FlameShirt

To the Makers of Music is a fantastic Euclid SCP from Series II. It comes with a set of fantastic descriptions and quite a bit of interesting world-building. Where it stands out, however, is in its emotional ending. It truly impacted me.

SCP-1678 – UnLondon by AstronautJoe

UnLondon is an Euclid SCP describing a location, but a very fascinating one. I truly loved the strange city, its localities, the mystery surrounding it and the entities populating it. Yet, there are other implications about UnLondon that make this Euclid SCP so much more interesting. UnLondon is essentially an Orwellian nightmare, one I truly enjoyed for its extensive world-building and its many mysteries.

SCP-1692 – Came Back Haunted by AndarielHalo

Came Back Haunted is not only one of the best Euclid SCPs of Series II but also one of the creepiest ones. It does everything that made early creepypasta such a widespread phenomenon on the internet. It’s nothing but pure horror and pure weirdness. We’re never provided an explanation about the mysterious events taking place, but there’s no need for it. It’s the mystery itself that makes it so much better and one of the best Euclid SCPs out there.

SCP-1859 – Life Over Geological Time by Flah

Hard science-fiction Euclid SCPs can be hit or miss, and this one’s full of scientific detail. Yet, it’s worth reading, if only for the descriptions of the Cradle of Life. There’s just something about the vivid descriptions, the talk of the scientists, and, of course, the ending. I truly enjoyed this Euclid SCP.

SCP-1972 – Escort and Officer by Ihp and Djoric

I’m usually not one for comedy SCPs, but if they are as weird as this one, I can’t help but love it. Escort and Officer is one of the most ridiculous Euclid SCPs I’ve come upon. It details two alien entities who came to be in Foundation custody. One’s a multi-limbed organism working as an escort, the other a metallic sphere, an officer sent to bring the escort to justice for her crime. As weird as this idea sounds, the interviews of the two entities reveal just how ridiculous an Euclid SCP can be. The ending had me at a loss for words, and I wasn’t sure if I should shake my head or laugh out loud.

SCP-2075 – The Way of All Flesh by Metaphysician

The Way of All Flesh is amongst the best Euclid SCPs of Series III. It starts off by describing a strange man, or entity, who’s supposedly been alive for centuries. Soon enough, however, it moves in an entirely different direction. It’s this latter half that makes this Euclid SCP so great, especially the little twist hidden at the ending.

SCP-2132 – Most Dangerous Fighting Exhibition and Obstacle Resort by ahbonjour

Dangerous obstacle courses are always an interesting idea for an Euclid SCP, but the Most Dangerous Fighting Exhibition and Obstacle Resort takes things even further. While the test logs and different results were all quite interesting, what made this Euclid SCP so great was its ending. It showcases that the object’s origin might be of a much more sinister nature than originally thought.

SCP-2254 – The Demon La Hire and the Valley of Lust by djkaktus

The Demon La Hire and the Valley of Lust was one of the first djkaktus Euclid SCPs I read. While it’s clearly connected to his greater universe, it works well as a standalone, too. Once more, we learn just how far the Foundation will go to contain entities and the terrible things it will to do. While the entity is clearly terrifying, there are implications near the end that make this Euclid SPC even better.

SCP-2419 – The Laughing Man by The Great Hippo

The Great Hippo is back with another truly horrible Euclid SCP. The Laughing Man is truly the stuff of nightmares. Once more, we’re reminded that the SCP Foundation can be a truly horrible place. What I loved the most was the doctor viewing D-Class as nothing but irredeemable monsters. Yet because of this, he actually causes them to become that. A truly brilliant Euclid SCP.

SCP-2432 – Room Service by LordStonefish

There are some Euclid SCP who are weird, and then there’s Room Service. It’s amongst the most bizarre entries on the entire SCP-Wiki. While the room itself and the channels on TV are rather unsettling, there’s more to this Euclid SCP. Once you read the final addendum, you will learn what’s truly going on and just how bizarre this Euclid SCP is.

SCP-2571 – Cragglewood Park by The Great Hippo

Cragglewood Park is another pure horror Euclid SCP, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve always been a fan of scenarios, including strange dreams, hidden memories and especially creepy amusement parks. Yet, while the park and its descriptions are great in themselves, it’s the implications near the end that make it truly fantastic.

SCP-2728 – On the Barcelona Skyline by DarkStuff

Series III is full of bizarre Euclid SPCs and this is one of them. I don’t know why, but I always enjoyed articles that are as weird as they are mysterious and this one hits all the right buttons. It comes with some great descriptions and visuals and a truly creative idea for an anomalous object.

SCP-2740 – It Wasn’t There by djkaktus

Here we have another one of djkaktus’ Euclid SCPs and it’s one of my absolute favorites on the SCP-Wiki. I won’t say anything more about this one, but I urge you to read it if you’re a fan of truly weird SCPs. It’s definitely amongst the best Euclid SCPs of Series III.

SCP-3001 – Red Reality by OZ Ouroboros

Read Reality tells the story of a paradoxical pocket dimension or a non-dimension as we come to learn while reading. When an experiment goes wrong, Dr. Scranton is transported and trapped in this same non-dimension. The greatest part of this Euclid SCP, however, is the logs. They tell us the story of a man lost, trapped and entirely alone and who’s slowly eroding both mentally and physically. It’s a tale that’s as sad as it’s disturbing. This Euclid SCP packs quite a punch and serves to be amongst the best of Series IV.

SCP-3008 – The Infinite IKEA by Mortos

The Infinite Ikea remains one of the most popular Euclid SCPs of all time. I’ve always been a fan of extra-dimensional SCPs, and the Infinite IKEA is amongst the best of them. While I love the idea of being trapped in a world that’s nothing but a giant IKEA, the diary entries of someone trapped in this world make it truly great. This Euclid SCP is nothing short of creative and tells a fascinating story.

SCP-3034 – The Counting Station by The Great Hippo

This Euclid SCP concerns an ominous counting station. While I love the idea itself, the descriptions and details added into the story make it truly great. We are presented with interviews, audio analysis, and incident logs. Each of these elements adds to the mystery surrounding the SCP and helps us to understand what it might be. It’s a fantastic Euclid SCP, but its ending elevates it to one of the greatest.

SCP-3109 – Indeterminate Source by HammerMaiden

Indeterminate Source is a hard science-fiction SCP, and it presents an idea that’s as fantastic as it’s weird. This entire Euclid SCP centers on disorientation, twisted memories, and a confusing order of events. Yet, it also comes with some interesting, futuristic world-building. While this Euclid SCP might be a bit too confusing and heavy on scientific details, I believe it’s very worth reading.

SCP-3117 – A Monster-Shaped Hole by The Great Hippo

While there are many horror SCPs on the SCP-Wiki, A Monster-Shaped Hole proves to be amongst the most original. It’s an Euclid SCP that centers on thoughts and imagination than an actual entity or monstrous creature. Yet, because of this reason, this shifted focus it’s one of the best Euclid SCPs out there.

SCP-3211 – There is No Canon by Croquembouche

There is No Canon is without a doubt one of the strangest Euclid SCPs out there. Reading it was one of the strangest experiences during my time on the SCP-Wiki and even now, I’m still wondering what’s going on in this article. While the answer to what this Euclid SCP is might not be clear, and it might remain another, unresolved mystery, it serves as a very intriguing read.

SCP-3733 – Everybody Else by notgull

Everybody Else is a rather straightforward and simple Euclid SCP, but one I truly enjoyed. It presents us with a diversion from the usual SCP tropes, one that’s as fantastic as it’s creepy. Once again, however, it’s the interview logs that make it truly great, at least once you realize what’s truly going on.

SCP-3838 – Nomads of the 4th-Dimensional Steppe by Tufto

Nomads of the 4th Dimensional Steppe is an Euclid SCP by Tufto, who I believe to be amongst the best writers in terms of prose on the SCP-Wiki. This Euclid SCP doesn’t disappoint either and presents us with one of the most creative ideas I’ve come upon. It centers on tribes of nomads who all live in the same area, but not at the same time. Instead of dividing up the land, they’ve divided up time as living space. It’s an idea that’s as creative as it is weird, but of course, there’s more to this SCP.

SCP-3986 – The Observatory of Genghis Khan by Tufto

Tufto presents us with yet another extremely well-written Euclid SCP. It centers on a mysterious observatory in which the body of Genghis Khan is supposedly entombed. The Observatory of Genghis Khan is so great bot for its mystery of the locality itself, but also the outstanding writing. Yet, the best part by far is its ending, which comes with one of the best final lines I’ve ever read on the SCP-Wiki.

SCP-4231 – The Montauk House by thefriendlyvandal

This Euclid SCP is yet another format screw and written more like a tale than an actual SCP. If you’ve read SCP-231, you’ll remember procedure 110-montaku and know what this one’s all about. I won’t say too much, but it’s one of the most complex origin stories on the entire SCP-Wiki. While it’s, without a doubt, one of the most well-written Euclid SCPs in Series V, it can drag on a little. Yet, I still regard it as worth reading.

SCP-4485 – Such Black Light by Woedenaz

Such Black Light is another long, highly ambitious Euclid SCP. I love the overall idea and the many pieces of art presented throughout this article. While some parts can feel slightly overblown, this Euclid SCP makes up for it by its outstanding ending.

SCP-4498 – The Plurality of Jack Bright by djkaktus

I’m usually not a big fan of the lolFoundation SCPs that were popular in the SCP-Wiki’s earlier days. Readings who are familiar with the SCP Foundation’s deeper law and its many characters will know just how complicated a character Jack Bright is. This Euclid SCP toys with the idea of what would happen if there’d be more than one Jack Bright and the chaos it would bring. That’s what happens in The Plurality of Jack Bright and it’s nothing short of hilarious.

SCP-4774 – The Ninth Planet by MaliceAforethought

This Euclid SCP is amongst the cleverest and interesting entries I’ve come upon on the entire SCP-Wiki. It concerns a planet that might or might not exist. Yet, this Euclid SCP is not the planet itself, but its observation and what it would mean. It’s an incredibly interesting concept to ponder one. Once more, however, what I think truly makes this Euclid SCP great is the ending and its last line.

SCP-5005 – Lamplight by Tufto

This Euclid SCP is yet another one written by the great Tufto and is amongst the most well-written on the entire SCP-Wiki. It concerns a minor planet known as Lamplight, which is the most remote settlement created by any sentient creature in the entire multiverse. After its founding, this place became an enclave for writers and artists of all sorts. The greatest parts about Lamplight are the fascinating world-building, the descriptions of its localities and the heavy, melancholic atmosphere that hangs so heavy over the entire place. All these details are revealed to us via general descriptions but also by the reports of one Junior Researcher, Sofia Ramirez. There’s an overall pervading feeling of nihilism to this entire Euclid SCP, a feeling that artists and writers are often fascinated by death but also the unknown. Lamplight has always been one of my favorite SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki and is an outstanding Euclid SCP.

SCP-5106 – Goosed by DrAkimoto

Comedy SCPs are usually not my cup of tea, but this Euclid SCP is fantastic. It’s among the funniest, most ridiculous SCPs in all of Series VI. While it’s a short piece, I still laughed out loud multiple times about how ridiculous it was. It’s a fantastic, unique little Euclid SCP that everyone who’s looking for something a bit more lighthearted should read.

SCP-6670 – “Mama?” by Ecronak

The SCP-Wiki had its humble beginnings as a collection of creepypasta, which was written as scientific articles. While the tone and general focus of the site has shifted and broadened over the years, one can still find quite a few true Horror SCPs. “Mama?” is one of them, and it’s amongst the most bizarre, disturbing and sad Euclid SCPs I’ve ever come upon. It’s a well-written article full of powerful emotions. The horror, however, and especially the ending, is sure to make you cringe. It’s one of the best horror SCPs I’ve come upon and one of the most disturbing Euclid SCPs of all time.

Captain Kirby’s Proposal – O5-13 by Captain Kirby

O5-13 by Captain Kirby was one 001-proposals I truly enjoyed. Many other 001-proposals comprise grand, high concepts, but Captain Kirby’s Proposal proves to be rather humorous. I loved everything about this Euclid SCP and I had an absolute blast reading.

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