The Morning After

Mornings after are the worst.

I decided to start this one off with a cool beer from the fridge. It really helps to calm down, keep the hangover at bay and it gets me going in the morning. Take from this whatever you want.

I made my way through the living room, and I can see that John’s still out cold on the couch.

“Guess you had a bit too much, buddy,” I joke to myself.

Janet is sleeping on the floor. Poor girl didn’t even make it to her bed.

I was halfway through the beer when I went to the kitchen and put up some coffee. It always helped Janet to wake up.

I took sips from the beer while grinding up some fresh coffee and a few minutes later I made my way back to the living room.

I held the freshly brewed cup in my hands and try to wake her up.

“Hey there, baby girl, I made you some coffee.”

She is still somewhat dizzy and only half awake. Her tired eyes don’t focus on anything yet.

“Time to freshen up. We got lots of cleaning up to do after last night,” I say and give her a wink.

Man, she’s so cute with her big wide, eyes as she finally focuses on me.

Only moments later she stumbles into the bathroom. I put the cup aside, and as I can hear her retch and vomit, I sigh.

“You alright? Shouldn’t you be used to it by now?”

No answer.

“Need some help? Want me to hold up your hair?”

I find her huddled over the toilet bowl. In an instant I am right behind her, stroking her back, holding up her hair and whispering in her ear.

“It’s alright, baby girl, don’t worry about it.”

She retches again as I say this.

“Come on now, not like you had that much to drink.”

At first, she turns away from me, almost struggles against my help. She only keeps it up for a moment though before she lets me wash off her face.

“See, that’s not so bad after all. I know it’s not easy for you, believe me. I’ve been there before,” I comfort her, “at least kind of.”

A little laugh escapes me as I say this. I take her hand and lead her back to the living room.

“You doing better? It’s time to clean up this whole mess.”

I leave her sitting in the living room as I get the things we need the most now: the trash bags and the hacksaw.

When she sees me holding the saw her eyes grow wide again, her lips quiver, but she’s not able to say a thing.

“Come on now, not like John’s gonna resist anyway.”

“N-no, I can’t,” she starts, but I cut her off right away.

“We’ve done this whole thing before, baby girl. You really should be used to it by now.”

“Oh god now, don’t make me do it, I can’t!”

“Now, now, it’s so easy,” I say and forcefully take her hand into mine. Moments later, our hands close around the handle of the saw.

Together the two of us start the first cut. The blade slowly sinks into John’s flesh. I can feel Janet struggling against me. It’s futile though. I won’t let her go. As we move the saw back and forth she starts to cry and mumbling to herself.

“We all have to do our part. I took care of him last night, and now you have to do your part and get rid of the body. It’s only fair.”

I hug her tenderly and kiss her neck before I get up.

“No goddammit, not again!” she screams the moment I turn my back on her.

She’s having another of her angry fits, I think.

“You crazy freak!”

She tries to come after me with the saw, but I am already a few steps away. The chains between her arms and legs make it impossible for her to be fast enough to close the distance between us. She has no chance of actually hitting me.

The moment her futile attack is over, I hit her square in the face, hard.

She falls backward and curls up into a sobbing and trembling ball.

“Okay bitch, I tried to play nice, I really did,” I yell at her.

I pull her up so that her face is right in front of my own.

“You better get going with this shit right, fucking, now. And maybe, if you do a good enough job, I might not have to do THIS to you again tonight.”

I can see her eyes, I can hear the sharp inhale of breath, and I can almost smell her fear. In an instant, she turns away from me and picks up the saw with shaking hands.

“Good girl,” I praise her.

I watch for a moment as she drives the saw deep into the flesh and finally bone. For a moment I listen to the sound of metal grinding against bone. Then I go back to the computer.

“Now let’s see who’s next,” I wonder out loud as I scroll through her Facebook profile.

“Can’t believe you had something going on with all those guys on here, you little whore. We’ll have to get rid of all them before I can ever truly love you.”

For a few moments, I click through her pictures before I focus on one specific album.

‘Summer Vacation 2016’

I look at the people in the pictures. I find the one I was searching for right away. There’s this blond beach boy, standing next to Janet, his arm around her shoulder in two pictures. I mouseover his face to find out his name. As I read it, I grin.

“Guess Andrew’s next.”

As I say it, I see her cringe.

“Oh did I struck a nerve there? Well, guess I better drop him a message. I am sure he wants to see you again.”

As I work my way through is profile I send him a happy, bouncy message via Janet’s account.

I can’t help but sigh. As Janet’s busying herself with the saw, I go to the fridge to get another beer.

The morning after is really hard, because every time I realize just how much work there’s still to do.

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