Night Out

I am still terrified while typing this. I have no freaking idea what happened last night. Maybe I can make some sense of this whole thing by writing it all down.

Last night my friends and I had our monthly night out. We are all in our early or mid-thirties. We don’t party as hard as we used to, since we all have our personal obligations or jobs now. Once a month though, we decide to have some fun for old time’s sake.

Back in the day we went out almost every night and did pretty much everything you have to do at least once in your life. As you can imagine, when we get together once a month now things still tend to go a little crazy.

We have been thrown out of clubs or bars, got into fights with bouncers, and a friend of mine woke up in the drunk tank in the next city over one time. We still talk about that one.

What happened last night was very different though.

We met up at my friend Martin’s place. He is what most people would call a free spirit. He is an amateur musician and otherwise doesn’t have a real job. He works here and there to pay the bills and spends the rest of his time playing his music. I am not sure if he has any serious ambitions about it though. We meet up at his place because of the awesome sound system and all the records he owns. There is nothing better than some nice music, exchanging stories and a few beers to get the night going.

Yesterday there were five of us: Martin, my friend Frank, Steven, Eric and I.

It was Steven who had brought a little surprise for us. He told us it was nothing dangerous or too crazy. Just like E, he said. I looked at the little pill in my hand for a moment before I took it. This stuff was amazing. We had a great time at the first club, but Eric got into trouble with a group of other people. Before the situation could escalate we decided to leave and hit another club. We were still pretty high and the drinks we had didn’t help.

At this point I have no idea where exactly we went. I remember we stopped at a twenty-four hour store to get some more beers till we’d find another club.

It was at this point that we met another group of people. I don’t remember much about them, since I was still under the influence of the stuff Steven had given us. I recall a rather thick accent, but that is not uncommon considering the high percentage of foreigners in our city. I have no idea what we talked about, but we apparently asked them if they knew a place where we could party. Soon enough we followed them.

From here on out things get hazy. I remember they led us down a few darker streets and back alleys. Normally that would have put me off already, but because of the drugs we simply didn’t care or realize what was going on. After a while we entered a rundown building and went down a staircase that lead into a sort of basement club.

The whole thing was pretty damn bizarre. I think the best word to describe the atmosphere is lynchian. The place was gloomy and only illuminated by dim red light. Weird music was playing. It was a sort of slow psychedelic trance? People were simply sitting on the ground in groups, some of them wearing masks. Many of them looked up and eyed us as we came in. I saw a person in an animal suit shivering and shaking while others were completely high or injecting drugs. I can’t tell if I was imagining it, but I am sure there was a couple having sex right in the open not caring about anyone seeing them.

We were still following our group of new friends. Looking back I have no idea why we didn’t leave right away. Sure we had done our fair share of weird shit and we sometimes took E, but we never went too far down the rabbit hole. This place was obviously the far end of it.

It was most likely the influences of the damned drugs that alleviated the way we saw the place.

We had to wait at a bar for some time. I am not sure, but I think we got drinks for free? Maybe they were on the house for whatever reason?

We were soon led down a hallway, by one of the other guys. I think it was at this point that I noticed that there was only four of us. It was Frank that wasn’t with us anymore. Maybe he was getting another drink. I honestly didn’t even know what was happening half the time or where we were going so I just accepted it. The guy in front of us was talking, but I have no idea what he said or if he was even talking to us.

I remember there was a number of rooms. The mental image of hallways in a whorehouse or other questionable establishments came to my mind. Soon a door opened and we were led into one of the rooms. The foreign guys we came in with joined us and more drinks were served by an attractive girl who stayed with us and started to dance. At that point I assumed that we had ended up at a strip club or indeed a whorehouse. It wasn’t long before the girl left the room again.

After we had drinks, things got even stranger. Looking back I am sure there was not only alcohol in them. Everything from this point onward is like a delirious fever dream. I think there was a camera at one point and someone started filming.

I remember a figure in a gasmask that was suddenly in the room. It was the most hilarious thing to me and my friends. All of us, including the foreigners, laughed our asses off. Then someone else entered the room. This person was wearing something too, but I can’t recall it. It might have been a simple mask or just a bag with eyes.

I don’t know how it started but soon everyone pushed the bag guy around and towards the guy with the gasmask.

Thinking back, I feel nauseated. It all feels very wrong to me. I think a fight started between gasmask guy and bag guy. There was blood and even more laughter. Whatever was going on makes me shiver all over, but I remember back then it was absolutely hilarious. The images were real but my mind reacted to them like to a loony toons cartoon. I don’t know how long the fight lasted, but at one point bag guy was dragged out of the room and gasmask guy was covered in … blood? I don’t know how long we were there. I remember that one of the foreigners told me how absolutely amazing the place was.

I have no idea how any of us got out. When I came back to my senses it was already light outside and I was walking down a random street in the middle of nowhere. It took me almost an hour to get home. I felt like total shit and threw up at least once.

I have no idea what kind of stuff Steven gave us. I can’t tell what parts of this evening were real, but my friends also remember the weird club, the room and least part of what happened in there.

The most disturbing thing is, that no one was able to contact Frank since last night and he hasn’t read or reacted to any messages. No one has heard of him or seen him either. I tried his landline a couple of times too, but got no answer.

I can’t tell you how afraid I am of what happened last night and what we saw. Was the blood real? What happened to that other person, the one with the bag over the head? Did we watch an actual murder? Had we been at some fucked up underground snuff club or was it all just an attraction? What happened to Frank?

Why had these guys taken us to the club? Was it because we were drugged out of our minds? Had they recorded us watching and laughing as someone got murdered in front of us? Why can’t I shake of this bad feeling about Frank? There is something in the back of my mind. Something I saw. Why can’t I shake of the feeling that it was Frank who was under the bag.

If it was really him in front of us, then could it have been me as well? Was he chosen by random? Could it have been any one of us?

I am scared and confused. I hope Frank turns up soon.

I hope so very much that this whole damn night was nothing bad an extremely bad trip.

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