11 Fantastic Comedy SCPs Worth Reading

When I started putting together my list of the best SCPs, I thought the SCP-Wiki was entirely based on horror.

To my surprise, I found that it contains a variety of different genres. While there are the typical creepypasta-like SCPs, there’s also science-fiction-SCPs, Meta-SCPs and many other types.


One of the most unexpected type I found were comedy SCPs. While they are rare, they can be absolutely fantastic.

For this article I put together a list of my favorite 11 Comedy SCPs.

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-1313 – Solve for Bear by MaliceAforethought

There are some SCPs that are funny, others that are a tad bit silly, and then there’s Solve for Bear. This is probably the most ridiculous Comedy SCP I’ve come upon and it’s absolutely ridiculous. It describes what happens if one solves a certain mathematical equation. While this Comedy SCP is dumb, even ridiculous, it’s also absolutely hilarious.

SCP-1755 – Cotton Blight by Anaxagoras

Cotton Blight is another utterly ridiculous Comedy SCP. At first, the article is entirely serious, and the events depicted are as devastating as they are interesting. Until we get to the end, which is one of the funniest on the entire SCP-Wiki. After finishing Cotton Blight, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

SCP-1972 – Escort and Officer by Ihp and Djoric

Escort and Officer is one of the weirdest Comedy SCPs I’ve come upon. Yet, I absolutely love it. It’s one of the most ridiculous SCPs I’ve read. We learn of two alien organisms. The first’s a multi-limbed organism working as an escort. The second a metallic sphere, an officer who’s sent to bring the escort to justice. Things, however, get even stranger during the interviews with the two entities. The ending of Escort and Officer had me at a loss for words. An absolutely weird Comedy SCP, but one that’s similarly hilarious.

SCP-3045 – bzzip.exe by The Great Hippo

Bzzip.exe might be the strangest Comedy SCP I’ve come upon. It’s a weird mixture of comedy and bizarre, imaginative horror. What had me laughing out loud, however, was the simpler and simpler summaries of Hamlet. Yet, the tone entirely changes during the last test log, where things turn into nothing short of horror. Because of the earlier test logs, however, I think bzzip.exe is one of the best Comedy SCPs out there.

SCP-3740 – God is Dumb by djkaktus

God is Dumb is one of the many standalone SCPs djkaktus has written that are not related to his bigger universe. It details Ashur, the Assyro-Babylonian god of air. While he’d prove an extremely dangerous entity, he’s also extremely gullible and a complete idiot. The containment procedures detail how every member of the research team is to trick him into thinking they are fellow gods. Overall, it’s an extremely funny Comedy SCP.

SCP-4498 – The Plurality of Jack Bright by djkaktus

Anyone familiar with the SCP-Wiki and its history will remember the lolFoundation SCPs that were popular back in the day. This Comedy SCP concerning the popular character of Jack Bright takes us right back. It toys with the idea of what would happen if more than one Jack Bright would exist. Needless to say, it would cause utter chaos. The Plurality of Jack Bright is one of the best comedy SCPs I’ve read and I absolutely loved it.

SCP-5004 – Megalomania – djkaktus

Megalomania is another Comedy SCP by djkaktus. Once more, it’s very reminiscent of the lolFoundation style. It contains a lot, not all of which I liked, but other parts were extremely funny. It’s an SCP full of magicians, demons, Donald Trump, Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a witch, the 2016 election, and the Foundation’s grand plan for manipulating it. Megalomania is a fantastically mad Comedy SCP and one of the most ridiculous of the entire SCP-Wiki. While I’m sure this Comedy SCP isn’t for everyone, those who are into silly, South Park-style humor will enjoy it.

SCP-5106 – Goosed by DrAkimoto

While I’m usually not too big a fan of Comedy SCPs, Goosed was absolutely fantastic. It’s one of the funniest, most ridiculous SCPs I’ve read. As short a piece as it is, it still had me laugh out loud multiple times. If you’re lucking for a short, but hilarious article, read Goosed.

SCP-5555 – Made in Heaven by A Random Day, Rounderhouse and Uncle Nicolini

Made in Heaven might be my favorite Comedy SCP on the entire site. Yet, it’s far from a typical SCP, even a typical Comedy SCP, but is instead written like a crime noir action story. Everett Mann is out for revenge against a man named Francis Fitzwilliam’s who’s no other than the Administrator of the SCP Foundation. I had an absolute blast reading it and laughed out loud multiple times throughout the entire thing. It’s an exciting, enjoyable and wild ride.

SCP-6556 – DINOVLOGS! by Dysadron and Pedagon

While most Comedy SCPs are silly, DINOVLOGS! is utterly ridiculous. It describes a YouTube channel which depicts the life of a juvenile tyrannosaurus rex, titled “TheLifeOfRex.” If this wasn’t ridiculous enough already, most of the SCP details a Zoom conference of a group of academics who discuss the channels’ various uploads. DINOVLOGS! is hilarious and without a doubt amongst the hilarious Comedy SCPs on the SCP-Wiki.

Captain Kirby’s Proposal – O5-13 by Captain Kirby

001-proposals are usually grand, comprising high concepts or complex origin stories, not so Captain Kirby’s proposal. Instead, it’s a rather hilarious take on the Overseer Council’s paranoia. I loved everything about this Comedy SCP, had an absolute blast reading it and think it’s amongst the best 001-proposals.

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