26 Fantastic Safe SCPs Any SCP Fan Should Read

Safe SCPs are the second most common class of SCPs on the SCP-Wiki. When I put together my list of the best SCPs, I read quite a few of them.

Safe SCPs are anomalies or anomalous objects which can easily and safely be contained. Their containment doesn’t require significant resources, or the anomaly requires a specific trigger. This, however, doesn’t mean that they can’t be dangerous.

Intro Safe SCPs
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While there’s a variety of Safe SCPs out there, their quality varies quite a lot. That’s why I put together a list of my favorite 26 Safe SCPs.

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-1025 – Encyclopedia of Diseases by Lasergoose

Encyclopedia of Diseases is amongst the best Safe SCPs of Series II. It’s not the properties of the anomalous item that make it so interesting, but what happens during the various experimentation logs. Yet, it’s the ending that makes it truly great.

SCP-1193 – Buried Giant by ophite

There are a lot of strange Safe SCPs on the SCP-Wiki, but Buried Giant is amongst the strangest. While the descriptions are weird enough, the interview makes it even weirder. After checking the author’s commentary on it, I realized there’s an entirely different level to this SCP, one that made me ponder about it.

SCP-1281 – The Harbinger by DrEverettMann

This was one of the first true space SCPs I read and I loved it. The writing and the emotional impact in Harbinger are great. The one thing I loved the most about it, however, was the line: ‘One voice is small, but the difference between zero and one is as great as one and infinity.’ It’s truly one of the most fantastic and emotional Safe SCPs.

SCP-1562 – Tunnel Slide by trennerdios

I don’t know why, but I’m a big fan of weird SCPs and Tunnel Slide is definitely weird. Its idea is silly, ridiculous even, but the way it’s described makes it not only creepy, and unsettling, but also mysterious. And yet, we never get an explanation. Instead, we’re left with the pure horror of the audio logs. For this reason alone, I consider it amongst the best Safe SCPs.

SCP-1689 – Bag of Holding Potatoes by llama66613

You might notice a trend here. Bag of Holding Potatoes is another bizarre Safe SCP. Now what’s so bad about a bag holding an infinite amount of potatoes? Well, if you read the exploration log and find out where all those potatoes come from, you will now. What I think made this one of the best Safe SCPs was the fantastically weird exploration log.

SCP-1733 – Trapped in a Game by bbaztek

Trapped in a Game is amongst my absolute favorite Safe SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki. At first, it seems like nothing more than a recording of the season opening game of 2010-2011. Yet, soon people notice strange things. While this description might not make it outstanding, you will notice just how great this Safe SCP is once you read its experimentation log.


RONALD REAGAN CUT UP WHILE TALKING is the second Safe SCP about a strange recording. The SCP details a speech by Ronald Reagan, but the further into the speech one gets, the more Ronald Reagan’s body gets torn apart and the topics of the speech deteriorates. Yet, there’s even more to this recording. Truly one of the weirdest and best Safe SCPs.

SCP-1986 – Imaginary Library by Requitefahrenheit

Anyone who loves books or libraries is sure to love this SCP. It essentially describes a weird, never-ending library containing books that were never seen before. Yet, the author wasn’t satisfied merely describing the place, but included descriptions of many of the books contained within it. Another of the most creative and best Safe SCPs.

SCP-2264 – In the Court of Alagadda by Metaphysician

There are many good Safe SCPs out there, but In the Court of Alagadda is definitely amongst my favorites. At first, it might appear as nothing but a simple door, but it’s soon discovered that it leads to the interdimensional city state of Alagadda. This city state is controlled by terrible, Lovecraftian entities. What makes this Safe SCP so great is the world-building, the descriptions of Alagadda and, of course, the Ambassador of Alagadda who was featured in SCP-701. In the Court of Alagadda might be one of the best Lovecraftian and Safe SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki.

SCP-2510 – Got A Secret, Can You Keep It? by Cerastes

This Safe SCP is as different as it is creepy. It doesn’t concern itself so much with a secret itself, but why and how it’s hidden. Got A Secret, Can You Keep It? is an interesting spin on the trope that many small towns hide terrible secrets.

SCP-2614 – Sometimes I go Out in Pity for Myself by bbaztek

Here we have yet another one of the Safe SCPs who concern themselves with recordings. Yet this one’s different from the ones we have seen on this list before. It doesn’t concern itself with a strange recording, but the idea of being able to move inside a recording of a TV-Show or movie. This, however, is merely the beginning, as it’s revealed that one can go even deeper and enter other recordings shown in the one you’re currently in. It’s a fantastically creative idea, and the longer we read on, the strange and more unsettling things become. Truly one of the best Safe SCPs out there.

SCP-2695 – Lucibelle Perhacs by Accelerando

Safe SCPs might often appear less dangerous than others, but Lucibelle Perhacs is one of the most horrifying body horror SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki. While needles are terrifying by themselves, this SCP makes things much, much worse. The descriptions serve to not only make you uncomfortable, but will make you cringe multiple times. It’s for this exact reason I love it so much. While many other Safe SCPs can be scary, this one takes things to an entirely different level.

SCP-3045 – bzzip.exe by The Great Hippo

While there are a lot of strange Safe SCPs out there, bzzip.exe might be amongst the strangest ones. It’s a great combination of comedy and bizarre, imaginative horror. The greatest thing about it, however, was the simpler and simpler summaries of Hamlet. They had me burst out laughing multiple times. Yet, in later parts, the tone changes entirely and what was once comedy turns into nothing short of horror.

SCP-3301 – THE FOUNDATION by djkaktus

THE FOUNDATION describes a board game created by Dr. Wonderteinment for the members of the SCP Foundation. While it’s more the description of a game and its rules, it’s quite a unique, interesting and enjoyable article. The most impressive part about this Safe SCP, however, is the effort that must’ve put into creating it. While it’s a bit of a different SCP, it’s still very worth reading.

SCP-3444 – She Took The Midnight Train Going Anywhere… by Tufto

At first, I wasn’t really sure what to do with this Safe SCP. It felt like it really wasn’t my cup of tea. Yet, it’s a long, ambitious, creative and most of all well-written piece like many of Tufto’s other SCPs. While it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting or looking for in an SCP, I can’t deny the effort that went into it. For those who are looking for a Safe SCP that’s different, and humorous, you’d do well to check it out.

SCP-3515 – Unearth by psul

Here we have another genuine horror SCP, but one that’s also rather bizarre. It combines the feeling of claustrophobia and being stuck with surreal and nightmarish imagery. The greatest part about it, however, were the dialogues. They were full of emotions, a feeling of futility and, of course, claustrophobia. Unearth is truly twisted and amongst the best Safe SCPs.

SCP-3626 – Do not stop reading this document by kemoT01

Do not stop reading this document is one of the most interesting Safe SCPs I came upon. At first, it showcases just how far people will go to keep themselves safe. What won me over, however, was the ending, which I thought was fantastically well-done.


[NUMBER RESERVED; AWAITING RESEARCHER] is amongst the most clever, but also longest Safe SCPs out there. While I think it was a bit long in parts, I can’t deny how much effort must’ve been put into it. Yet, once you figure out what’s really going on, you realize just how well this Safe SCP was put together. It’s definitely worth checking out.

SCP-4001 – Alexandria Eternal by GentleGifts

Alexandria Eternal, as one might have guessed, is another Safe SCP concerning a library. Yet this library is special, for it holds a book about the life of every human being that ever existed. What I enjoyed the most about this SCP was that it wasn’t about a monster or a dangerous object, but just a mysterious place. Yet as we soon learn, the library has the potential to cause damage, as we can see from the many experimentation logs. Even more interesting, however, is that the library seems to be a living place, one that judges people and the deeds they commit. It’s truly amongst the greatest Safe SCPs out there.

SCP-5000 – Why? by Tanhony

When I first came to the SCP-Wiki, this was one of the first SCPs I read. Needless to say, I didn’t get what was going on. When I finally returned to it later, once I’d read a good chunk of other articles, I managed to put things together. Yet, as straightforward as the story appears at first, things can get a bit confusing. This doesn’t matter much, however, for the events depicted and the many references to other SCPs makes this a truly fantastic read. Why? is without a doubt one of the best Safe SCPs out there and an absolute delight for any fan of the SCP-Wiki.

SCP-5552 – Our Stolen Theory by Captain Kirby

Our Stolen Theory concerns itself with one of fiction’s most ambitious topics, time travel. The reason is simple: time travel is hard to do right, but Our Stolen Theory absolutely nails it. It’s one of the greatest Safe SCPs out there. The writing’s fantastic, and the story told is extremely interesting. Yet, the greatest thing about it are the characters, the science, and, of course, the emotions. Our Stolen Theory is without a doubt, one of the greatest SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki.

SCP-5555 – Made in Heaven by A Random Day, Rounderhouse and Uncle Nicolini

I absolutely loved Made in Heaven. It’s far from your typical SCP and written more like a crime noir action story. It concerns itself with Everett Mann, who’s out to get revenge on Francis Fitzwilliams, the Administrator of the SCP Foundation. There are few Safe SCPS I enjoyed as much as this one, and I had an absolute blast reading it. It’s an exciting, enjoyable and most of all, wild ride. Don’t take it too serious, however.

SCP-6556 – DINOVLOGS! by Dysadron and Pedagon

There’s dumb, there’s ridiculous and DINOVLOGS! Is a prime example of the latter. It concerns itself with a YouTube channel titled “TheLifeOfRex” which depicts the life of a juvenile tyrannosaurus rex. Things don’t end here, however, for most of the SCP takes the form of a Zoom conference of a group of academics who discuss the YouTube channel’s various videos. DINOVLOGS is absolutely ridiculous, but without a doubt one of the funniest Safe SCPs on the Wiki.

SCP-6789 – Return. Return. Return. by Its A Bad Idea, Ralliston, and Trotskyeet

This SCP details a strange document which was found on the Foundation servers. It talks about a certain room in the basement of a steel factory. In said room, a microcosm of flora and fauna exists. Soon enough, however, the factory’s higher-ups have a worker torch the entire room. Yet, after this incident, other rooms within the factory show similar properties. From this point onward, we follow this Safe SCP through various iterations detailing the continued escalation of things. Overall, Return. Return. Return. is a long, ambitious, but well put-together SCP.

ROUNDERHOUSE’s Proposal – MEMENTO MORI by Rounderhouse

This is the first of Rounderhouse’s two 001-proposals. While most of the other 001-proposals concern themselves with grand origin stories, this one tells about an ending. I found it to be quite the sad, melancholic piece, but also strangely beautiful. In MEMENTO MORI, we’re led from room to room and learn more about the people who comprised the overseer council and how the Foundation broke all of them. A truly fantastic 001-proposal and one of the best Safe SCPs.

Tufto’s Proposal – The Scarlet King by Tufto

The Scarlet King is a grand and artistic article that concerns itself with a variety of philosophical musings. It’s an incredibly well-written piece and showcases just how skilled a writer Tufto truly is. What I loved the most, however, was Tufto’s interpretation of the Scarlet King. It’s one of my absolute favorite 001-proposals and Safe SCPs.

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