The Mysterious Locker

“You ever heard about the mysterious locker?”

“What locker?” Cindy asked.

“Well,” Craig continued, “there’s supposed to be a locker here that makes people vanish.”

“That’s bullshit, Craig, and you know it,” Jerry cut in.

“Nah, man, I heard it from Thomas Wilkins!”

“Thomas Wilkins’s a liar and you know it!” Jerry retorted.

“Shut up, you idiots, what if someone hears us?” Lydia shushed them.

They both turned to her, only now realizing how loud their voices had echoed through the building.

For a moment, no one said a word, but all stayed quiet.

“Really, I can’t with you two, why are you arguing like that?”

“I told him about the mysterious locker,” Craig answered her.

Lydia rolled her eyes. “God, not that again.”

“What’s it all about?” Cindy pipped up.

She seemed to be the only one who hadn’t heard about that silly urban legend.

“All right,” Craig started in an ominous voice, prompting Lydia and Jerry to share a short, annoyed look.

“As the story goes, a couple of years ago, a group of teenagers snuck into this very pool at night for a swim.”

“That’s just like-“

“Yeah, Cindy, just like us. One of them, Andrew Miller, got so drunk he passed out. So his friends played a little trick on him. They locked him up in one of the lockers here, locker 207, and left him there for the night. The next morning, the locker was empty and Andrew was never seen again. He’d up and vanished.”

“What a bunch of bullshit,” Jerry mumbled.

“Oh yeah? You’ve heard about Andrew going missing, right?”

“I heard he skipped town and-“ Lydia started.

“Yeah, because no one ever talks about what really happened!”

“No one but you, anyway. So, where’s this mysterious locker?” Jerry asked.

Craig grinned and led them to the boy’s changing room and to an old locker with the number 207 written on it.

“Well, here it is, the mysterious locker!”

“Mysterious my ass,” Jerry cursed, pushed him aside, and ripped open the door.

What he found behind was nothing but a completely normal, albeit slightly rusty, locker.

Jerry reached his hand inside, shaking his arm, putting on a mockingly shocked expression.

“Oh no, Craig, look, the locker’s got me! Help, I’m going to be vanished away!”

Lydia started laughing, and even Cindy giggled a little. Craig, on the other hand, stared at Jerry in anger.

“Why don’t you go in for real?” Craig asked.

Jerry blurted out laughing and shrugged.


With that, he stepped inside and pulled the door shut behind himself.

“Oh no guys, help, there’s-“

But he broke off when the locker suddenly started rumbling and shaking.

“Hey Craig, stop, what the hell are you doing?” he called out, trying to push the door open again, but it didn’t budge.

When he tried for the handle it wasn’t there and in sheer terror, he realized there was no sign of a door ever existing at all.

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