Short Scary Stories


“Guess it’s about time,” the old man mused to himself. After searching for a moment, he found what he was looking for. A grin showed on his face as he pocketed the tiny key. He has to force himself to take measured steps and to relax his gait as he ...
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An eerie atmosphere filled the living room. Marie sat in her chair, holding a glass of wine, staring at the TV, but barely watched. John was in his reading chair at the other end of the room. The book wasn’t bad but wasn’t good either. That was true for a ...
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The Thief of Worlds

A bright, glistering light woke Jake. He turned, pulled the blanket over his head, but it was useless. “Shit, goddamn sun,” he cursed and went to pull the curtains. This was his one free day this week, and he had the right to sleep for as long as he damn ...
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Madame Laura Dechant

All merriment and conversation stopped when Madame Laura Dechant entered the room. Every head turned towards the door she emerged from. It wasn’t because she was the banquet’s host. No, it was as if a queen had descended upon them. Her skin was as white as marble, her hair like ...
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Beyond the Stars

The line came out of nowhere. It was a simple, vertical line dividing the sky from horizon to horizon. People all over the world stared at it in awe. Scientists believed it to be an atmospheric phenomenon; religious men and cult leaders alike proclaimed the end of the world. Jeremy ...
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Deadlines are the worst. The customer had been clear about one thing: the new website was going online at the end of the week, and he better made sure it was ready. Being a freelance web-developer could be tough, especially when you were buried under unrealistic expectations and a list ...
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The Bath

Cindy loved long, hot baths. They were the best part of her day. There was nothing better than to soak your body in steaming hot water after a long, tough day at work. She considered the bathtub her happy place. It was here that she could calm down, take a ...
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Oh, the word love. What does it truly mean? Is it something that should be whispered easily, or should it be held back and only told during those few special moments? Eric thought about this, but he didn’t know anymore. The word love had lost all meaning, become part of ...
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The Present

James Stirling was an odd man. He’d been married three times and fathered more than a dozen children. Yet, what love he’d shown at the outset of these relationships soon waned and went away. He wasn’t an abusive man, no; he was an indifferent man. All he seemed to care ...
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The Mysterious Locker

“You ever heard about the mysterious locker?” “What locker?” Cindy asked. “Well,” my Craig continued, “there’s supposed to be a locker here that makes people vanish.” “That’s bullshit, Craig, and you know it,” Jerry cut in. “Nah, man, I heard it from Thomas Wilkins!” “Thomas Wilkins’s a liar and you ...
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