Creepypasta Monster – 14 That Are Sure to Scare You

Creepypasta has become one of the most divisive internet fiction genre. What were once scary anecdotes and urban legends shared via the internet now encompass a variety of styles and media.

As you can see in my list of the best creepypasta of all times, they can come as literary stories, blog posts and even pseudo-documentaries.

Many creepypasta detail inexplicable events, mysteries or tell stories of strange creatures or entities. The latter is what this list is about.

On this list, I want to share with you my favorite creepypasta monsters or entities.

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14. Always With You

A picture of the creepypasta monster Always With You
Creepypasta Monster – Always With You

Always With You is a creepypasta that presents us with an interesting spin on the boogyman.

It’s a quick read and you might first think that it’s about another dangerous creepypasta monster lurking in the night’s dark.

Yet, Always With You is quite different, and much more interesting.

13. Mr. Widemouth

A picture of the creepypasta monster Mr. Widemouth
Creepypasta Monster – Mr. Widemouth

Who doesn’t know the strange furby-like creature known as Mr. Widemouth? The story about this creepypasta monster is by many regarded as a classic.

A young boy who encounters the strange creature soon befriends him, but as it turns out, the creature has more sinister motifs.

Mr. Widemouth is one of the most popular creepypasta monsters and the story is well worth reading.

12. The Rake

A picture of the creepypasta monster The Rake
Creepypasta Monster – The Rake

The Rake is another popular creepypasta monster. Like many other popular creepypasta, The Rake originated on 4chan, in a thread where users tried to come up with monsters.

What started as the description of a pale, hairless humanoid, soon went viral and became one of creepypasta’s most celebrated creations.

By now, this creepypasta monster is featured in a variety of stories, videos and other media.

I always enjoyed stories about cryptids stalking humans, and The Rake proved to be the most popular of these.

11. The Memetic Symbol

A picture of the creepypasta monster The Memetic Symbol.
Creepypasta Monster – The Memetic Symbol

Can something like a symbol be dangerous? In the case of this weird creepypasta, we learn that it indeed can.

It begins when a man uncovers a strange symbol while browsing the internet. What started off as a strange, virtual discovery soon turns real when the symbol infests anything in the computer’s vicinity.

From here on out, the symbol slowly takes over the narrator’s world.

While The Memetic Symbol isn’t a traditional creepypasta monster, and more of a concept, I still added this story to the list. It’s one of the strangest tales I ever read, but that’s what makes it so fascinating.

10. The Thing That Stalks the Fields

A picture of the creepypasta monster The Thing That Stalks the Fields
Creepypasta Monster – The Thing That Stalks the Fields

The Thing That Stalks the Fields is another creepypasta classic.

The story is about a farmer and the strange creature that stalks his fields. It all begins when the man notices that the hay balls in his field are being moved away from his house.

At first he blames drunk teenagers, but he soon realizes there’s something much more sinister out there.

The Thing That Stalks the Fields was one of the first creepypasta I ever read and while the titular creepypasta monster is never named, I still regard it is one of my favorites.

9. Anansi’s Goatman Story

A picture of the creepypasta monster Anansi's Goatman Story
Creepypasta Monster – Anansi’s Goatman Story

The goatman from Anansi’s Goatman Story is another one famous creepypasta monster.

Like many others, the story originated on 4Chan’s / x / board. It details the story of a teenager who visits his extended family in Alabama.

When they go camping out in the woods, they encounter a figure that’s moving strangely, talking gibberish and eventually follows them.

One of the central themes of this creepypasta is the feeling of someone or something watching you. It’s a tale of paranoia, fear and terror.

Anasi’s Goatman Story is not a literary story. Instead, it’s written as a casual post on an image board, detailing an event that truly happened. The story itself, as well as the titular creepypasta monster, soon became one of creepypasta’s most popular creations.

8. The Slender Man

A picture of the creepypasta monster Slender Man
Creepypasta Monster – Slender Man

Slender Man is by far the most popular creepypasta monster ever created. It’s featured in various games, stories, video series and even spawned a feature-length movie.

Slender Man was created for a Photoshop Contest on Something Awful. One user, Eric Knudsen, created a pair of pseudo-historical photographs depicting a strange, humanoid creature.

This creepypasta monster is a tall, lanky man with unnaturally long limbs who wears a suit and has no face. As showcased in the picture, the beings primary prey seems to be children.

The most interesting fact about Slender Man is not the story or the creature itself, but how nothing but two pictures could spawn an internet phenomenon of such magnitude.

While there are various stories featuring Slender Man, I still think the original pictures do the best job of creating an unsettling atmosphere. As so many times, less is more.

7. SCP-173

A picture of the creepypasta monster SCP-173
Creepypasta Monster – SCP-173

The SCP Foundation has become one of the most popular places for internet horror fiction. It features a plethora of articles regarding various anomalous entities and the procedures to contain them.

What makes the SCP so interesting is the roleplaying aspect. All the articles on it are written less like stories and more like Wikipedia articles.

The one who started it all was SCP-173, a creepypasta who went viral on 4chan’s / x / board. After its inception, other users wrote similar stories and eventually the SCP Foundation was born.

These days, the SCP Foundation is one of the largest and most popular fiction communities on the internet. It features thousands of articles, accompanying tales, and other related materials.

6. Smile Dog

A picture of the creepypasta monster Smile Dog.
Creepypasta Monster – Smile Dog

Smile Dog is a story that brings us back to the early days of the internet.

The story itself is a cursed image story than one about a creepypasta monster. Because of the accompanying, supposedly cursed, image, the creature known as Smile Dog has become massively popular.

The story centers on a young man who’s on his way to interview a young woman, Mary, who suffers from nightmares and night terrors.

We find out these nightmares are caused by an image she saw on a bulletin board. That image was titled smile.jpg, feature a creepy picture of a grinning dog.

As the story continues, we follow the narrator’s quest as he tries to figure out the legend behind the ominous picture.

I always enjoyed stories about internet mysteries and legends and Smile Dog is amongst the best.

5. The Expressionless

A picture of the creepypasta monster The Expressionless
Creepypasta Monster – The Expressionless

The Expressionless is another popular creepypasta monster created by my good friend T. J. Lea.

This short tale is about a blood-covered, expressionless woman who appears at a hospital in California.

The strangest thing about the ominous woman is that she seems barely human and instead resembles a mannequin.

Soon enough, however, things take a turn for the worst.

The Expressionless is one of the earliest creepypasta on this list, but it’s by many regarded as a classic.

4. The Dionaea House

A picture of the creepypasta monster The Dionaea House
Creepypasta Monster – The Dionaea House

The Dionaea House is the longest creepypasta on this list. Told via email correspondences and blog posts, this story features a different creepypasta monster.

The tale is about Mark, whose friend Eric tells him that their fellow friend Andrew shot two people and killed himself.

Before long, Mark looks into what happened to Andrew. As his investigation continues, he keeps up with Eric via email, detailing his findings.

Eventually, Mark finds the Dionaea House, but it’s not the end of the story. Instead, nothing is revealed and the story itself only proves to get stranger.

The Dionaea House is a very long creepypasta. The story develops slowly, but is well put together and keeps you engaged throughout. What I came to enjoy the most, however, was the idea of The Dionaea House itself. To me, it’s one of the best creepypasta monsters of all time.

If you have some time to spare, be sure to check this one out.

3. The Song and Dance Man

A picture of the creepypasta monster The Song and Dance Man.
Creepypasta Monster – The Song and Dance Man.

The Song and Dance Man is a phenomenal piece of fiction and more literary story than creepypasta.

One day, a strange man puts up a tent in the narrator’s home and invites the townspeople to listen to music and to dance. What appears to be nothing but a bit of fun soon takes on a much more sinister nature.

The Song and Dance Man is a fantastic story. It’s less the ominous man who makes it so special, but the narrative and the writing.

It’s without a doubt one of the most well-written creepypasta out there and I highly recommend it to any horror fiction fan out there.

2. Abandoned by Disney

A picture of the creepypasta monster Abandoned by Disney
Creepypasta Monster – Abandoned by Disney

Abandoned by Disney is another popular creepypasta spawning one of the most well-known creepypasta monsters.

What starts out as an exploration of Mowgli’s Palace, an abandoned Disney resort, soon turns much darker.

It’s in the basement that the narrator stumbles upon a variety of Disney costumes. One of them, however, turns out to be much more than a simple costume.

Abandoned by Disney is a fantastic story. It draws you in with its intricate descriptions of an abandoned resort before things grow more and more unsettling. It’s a classic for a good reason and well worth reading.

1. Dogscape

A picture of the creepypasta monster Dogscape
Creepypasta Monster – Dogscape

Dogscape is amongst my favorite creepypasta of all time. It’s a weird and surreal tale.

It’s a collection of multiple tales, all detailing what happens in a world that has become a never-ending landscape of dogs.

The setting is strange enough already, but the stories themselves are even weirder. They are detailing the life and the survival of the few humans who are still inhabiting this strange new world.

The Dogscape is a dangerous place. We learn of strange dog cults, people-devouring dog heads and even of people being assimilated into the Dogscape itself.

And it’s here that we learn the Dogscape is not merely a thing, or an inanimate object. No, it’s rather a hive mind, controlled by what’s referred to as the Dogmother.

The tales of the Dogscape are as weird as they are disturbing. Violence and atrocities such as rape are a common occurrence amongst the inhabitants of the world.

While the tales vary in length and quality, I still recommend it to any creepypasta fan, if only for how surreal a scenario they depict.

If you enjoy tales that are weird and surreal, I’m sure you will love Dogscape.

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