34 Keter SCP Any Fan Should Read

When I put together my list of the best SCPs, I read a variety of SCPs, including the occasional Keter SCP.

Keter SCPs are anomalies or anomalous objects which are exceedingly hard to contain and their containment procedures are often highly complex. This can have a variety of reasons, for example, no clear understanding of the anomaly itself or no proper technology to contain it.

A Keter SCP isn’t necessarily dangerous. Instead, it’s merely an anomaly that’s very hard to contain.

Keter SCP Intro
Image by Ittiz / CC BY-SA 3.0

While Keter is the smallest of the three main SCP-classes, there are many I truly enjoyed reading. That’s why I put together a list of my 34 favorites.

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-055 – Anti-Meme by qntm and CptBellman

The Anti-Meme is my favorite Keter SCP out of Series I, but also one of the strangest on the entire SCP-Wiki. It details an object that no one’s able to describe and which anyone who saw it will forget about. That’s the reason no one knows what it actually is, looks like and the object remains a mystery to this day. Because of this, however, the Anti-Meme proved massively popular and is featured in a variety of other SCPs.

SCP-140 – An Incomplete Chronicle by AssertiveRoland

An Incomplete Chronicle is another outstanding Keter SCP. It’s one of the most unique and creative ideas in all of Series I. It details a book that continues to write itself, outlining the history of a civilization. Yet, that’s not all, and if you read it, you will learn exactly why this object is so dangerous. Incidentally, this is also the first time the Daevite Empire was mentioned.

SCP-231 – Special Personnel Requirements by DrClef

Another classic Keter SCP, and one of the most iconic ones. The reason this SCP is so popular and well known, however, is because of procedure 110-Montauk. It’s an early example of how far the Foundation will go to keep the world safe. Interestingly, the procedure’s details are entirely omitted. While omissions can be a hit or miss, it works extremely well in Special Personnel Requirements. It’s not important what procedure 110-Montauk actually is, but what the reader imagines it to be.

SCP-610 – The Flesh that Hates by NekoChris

Here we have another popular and iconic Keter SCP. The Flesh that Hates has proven extremely popular and has remained a fan-favorite to this day. It comes with some great imagery and fantastic descriptions of various flesh-organisms. What I truly loved, however, were the exploration logs, which slowly revealed more and more details and horrors. The Flesh that Hates is the stuff of nightmares and a fantastic Keter SCP.

SCP-748 – Industrial Dissolution by Metaphysician

This Keter SCP is another interpretation of The Factory, Admin Bright’s 001-proposal. While Bright’s proposal designates The Factory as the origin of the SCP Foundation, Industrial Dissolution is an entirely different take on it. I absolutely loved Industrial Dissolution and enjoyed it more than Bright’s original. Each single part of this SCP is fantastic, but it’s the ending that makes it truly good.

SCP-804 – World Without Man by Sorts

World Without Man is another one of my favorite Keter SCPs of Series I. The most interesting aspect of this SCP, however, is not the object itself, but the danger it holds. It goes much further than merely talking about those, though, but even questions human nature. An outstanding Keter SCP with a truly fantastic ending.

SCP-1048 – Builder Bear by trennerdios

While Keter SCPs don’t have to be horror SCPs, this one definitely is. It’s amongst the most fucked up SCPs of Series II and contains its fair share of body horror. Interestingly enough, the object itself appears to be safe, adorable even until we learn what it truly does. The worst thing, however, are the entities the Builder Bear created and how. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

SCP-1157 – Bifurcating Man by Ink Asylum

Bifurcation Man is one of the most fun Keter SCPs of Series II. At first, it appears a comedy SCP, nothing but a joke. That’s until we reach the ending and realize that it’s a truly dangerous anomaly. It’s this ending that turns this ridiculous Keter SCP into something truly great.

SCP-1313 – Solve for Bear by MaliceAforethought

While Bifurcation Man only appeared to be a joke, Solve for Bear is nothing sort of ridiculous and probably the most ridiculous Keter SCP out there. It details a mathematical equation which was quite the strange effect when solved. It might be dumb, ridiculous even, but it’s also absolutely hilarious.

SCP-1440 – The Old Man from Nowhere by Dmatix

Here we have another extremely interesting Keter SCP from Series II. Interestingly, it’s not the old man who’s dangerous but what follows him. Wherever he turns up, calamity and death befall those around him. The best part of this Keter SCP is the interview. It’s here the old man details exactly what’s following him around.

SCP-1739 – Obsolete Laptop by Chubert

How dangerous can an old laptop be? If you read this Keter SCP, you will realize just what dangers a single laptop can hold. It’s one of the best Keter SCPs in Series II and presents us with one of the most serious and existential threads on the entire SCP-Wiki. Once again, however, it also proves just how far the Foundation will go to keep the world safe.

SCP-1755 – Cotton Blight by Anaxagoras

Cotton Blight is a Keter SCP that I can’t help but love for how ridiculous it is. While the events depicted are interesting, it’s the ending that makes this Keter SCP so great. When I finished this article, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It was one of the most ridiculous endings I’ve read on the entire SCP-Wiki.

SCP-1861 – The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer by PeppersGhost

I always love a good horror SCP and The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer is amongst the best in Series II. This Keter SCP details the titular HMS Wintersheimer. I loved the descriptions of the anomalous entity itself, but the greatest part was the interview with the D-Class, who became part of its crew. While it’s a horror SCP, it’s also an exceedingly bizarre one that gives us no explanation of what’s actually going on. Yet, that’s exactly why its horror works so well.

SCP-2030 – LA U GH IS F UN by PeppersGhost

I love weird and bizarre SCPs and LA U GH IS F UN is amongst the most bizarre Keter SCPs out there. It details a television show, but one that’s much, much stranger than anyone expects. While it can be a bit too weird, even random, to some people, I truly loved the bizarre imagery and the detailed descriptions.

SCP-2399 – A Malfunctioning Destroyer by djkaktus

A Malfunctioning Destroyer is another space SCP. Djkaktus’ writing in this Keter SCP’s fantastic. I also truly loved the entity, the destroyer, and its description and history of discovery. The best part, however, are the messages that are revealed at the end.

SCP-2747 – As below, so above by minmin

There are a lot of Meta-SCPs out there, but this one has to be the best one of all of them. As below, so above comes with some great writing, but it’s the incidents described which are both fantastically well-done and incredibly creative. Yet, as many other similar Keter SCPs, it’s the ending that truly makes it great. Never have the words ‘DATA LOST’ been so scary.

SCP-3003 – The End of History by Communism Will Win

The End of History is the first Keter SCP out of Series IV on this list, but it’s a truly fantastic one. It presents us with some fantastic world-building and a society that’s as alien as it’s human. I truly enjoyed the detailed descriptions of how this society worked, as well as the organisms that are part of it. The greatest part, however, was the final addendum.

SCP-3007 – World of Two Artists by Zhange

I absolutely adore World of Two Artists. It’s amongst my absolute favorite SCPs. At first, one might think this Keter SCP concerns nothing but a series of strange dreams about a cityscape. Soon enough, however, things become more complex and much scarier when more things about these dreams are revealed. The greatest part of this Keter SCP, however, are the artworks added to it. The true horror wasn’t merely revealed by words, but by pieces of art accompanying it. This, the description of the desolate cityscape and the Lovecraftian implications, makes this a truly outstanding SCP.

SCP-3125 – The Escapee by qntm

The Escapee is a paradox in and of itself and that’s what makes it such a great Keter SCP. The question it asks is: how can you contain something you know nothing about? While I loved the descriptions in the article, what I truly loved was the mystery surrounding the entity and the supposed danger it holds. It’s without a doubt one of the best Series IV SCPs and one of the best Keter SCPs.

SCP-3179 – The Seed by Tanhony

The Church of the Broken God has always been amongst my favorite groups of interest on the SCP-Wiki. The Seed describes a liquid metal organism which cannot only alter its appearance but also create smaller entities. What’s most interesting about this Keter SCP, however, are the historical details and the many attempted containment breaches.

SCP-3288 – The Aristocrats by Metaphysician

The Aristocrats is one of the longest Keter SCPs on this list. While it’s a lengthy read, it makes up for it with its fantastic story and writing. At first it concerns nothing but a series of murders in Vienna, but it soon grows in scope. I loved every single part of this Keter SCP, even if it took a few historical liberties. Yet, it didn’t matter since I truly enjoyed reading it.

SCP-3333 – Tower by Jekeled

If there’s one group of SCPs I truly love, it’s extra-dimensional ones. This Keter SCP details a seemingly normal fire lookout. The only strange thing is a top door. This top door, however, leads to yet another lookout with a similar top door, thus creating a tower. As we learn from the many exploration logs, things get stranger and stranger the higher one climbs. While things are odd enough, it’s the final exploration log that’s truly terrifying. For it is there we learn what happens to those who make it to the tower’s top.

SCP-3739 – Mind-Milk™ by Moosphere, Inc. by Lt Flops

There’s many bizarre SCPs on the SCP-Wiki, but this Keter SCP is amongst the most bizarre ones. Mind-Milk™ by Moosphere is full of surreal ideas, bizarre imagery and is a wild ride from start to finish. It outlines a story in which disgusting milk takes over the world, people turn into udders and much, much more. At times, I found this Keter SCP almost a bit too confusing, but it’s all made up for the many outlandish ideas it presents. If you’re a fan of bizarre SCPs, this one’s a must-read.

SCP-3740 – God is Dumb by djkaktus

While djkaktus is most popular for his bigger universe, he’s written quite a few other great SPCs. God is Dumb is one of them. It’s a Keter SCP about Ashur, the Assyro-Babylonian god of air. Interestingly enough, Ashur is extremely gullible and a complete and utter idiot. Most of the containment procedures outline how the research team is to trick him into believing them to be gods as well and that his containment cell is indeed a Chateau. Overall, it’s one of the funniest Keter SCPs out there.

SCP-3989 – The Bone Orchard by HammerMaiden

This Keter SCP centers on the horrors of sarkicism and details a space-time anomaly in Syria. As we learn from a variety of exploration logs, this anomaly is much stranger than originally thought. What I came to love about this Keter SCP were the descriptions, the imagery, but also the many entities featured in it. The only downside to this fantastic Keter SCP is that it’s heavy on references to and information from other SCPs related to sarkicism.

SCP-4205 – In The Eyes of the Beholder by Woedenaz

In the Eyes of the Beholder is one of the best format screws and Keter SCPs I’ve come upon. It’s a long, strange read and it will make you wonder multiple times just what is going on. What makes it stand out amongst many other Keter SCPs and format screws, however, is the presentation and the twist ending, which are both fantastically done.

SCP-4666 – The Yule Man by Hercules Rockefeller

The Yule Man is probably my favorite horror SCP of all time. To say it’s pure nightmare fuel might be an understatement. It concerns an entity which shows up around Christmas and targets family. It either leaves them disgusting toys, or murders everyone except a single child, which he kidnaps. As horrible as these visits and their details are, the true horror of the Yule Man is revealed in the final interview. This Keter SCP is without a doubt amongst the best and most twisted on the entire SCP-Wiki.

SCP-4833 – The Syncope Symphony by Tufto

The Syncope Symphony is another Keter SCP by the great Tufto. It’s a long read, but one that’s extremely well-written. While this Keter SCP is related to the class-of-76, it works fairly well on its own. The story told is as fantastic as it is complex. While it makes for a better read if one’s familiar with the class-of-76, I still think it’s a fantastic read even without.

SCP-4840 – The Demon Lancelot and the Flying City of Audapaupadopolis by djkaktus

The Demon Lancelot and the Flying City of Audapaupadopolis is another Keter SCP that’s part of djkaktus’ greater universe and Project Paragon. While I’m not too big a fan of Project Paragon, I think this Keter SCP is a fantastic piece of world-building. While it can be a rather dense read, the imagery is stunning. One should, however, be familiar with djkaktus’ great universe before reading it to understand truly what’s going on.

SCP-5657 – Nicki Knows by T Rutherford

Nicki Knows is another horror SCP and my favorite Keter SCP of Series VI. What I loved the most about it was not only the story, but the way it was told. While the earlier parts detailing Nicki Ludo’s life were great, it was the latter half I loved the most. It’s here we get to know the actual entities this SCP is about. The best part, however, was the ending, which was an absolute delight to read.

SCP-6002 – All Creatures Great and Small by bigslothonmyface

All Creatures Great and Small is one of the greatest Keter SCPs I’ve ever read. It centers on man’s destruction of nature. As one can assume, this Keter SCP is a rather sad, even melancholic read, but it’s also fantastically written. The anomalous object in question is a tree which contains the genetic information of all living beings on the planet. The greatest part of this Keter SCP, however, is the story of Dr. Wildcard, which presents us with an honest gut punch.

SCP-6005 – Cascadia by Tufto

Tufto is back, and he’s proven once more that he’s one of the best writers on the entire SCP-Wiki. Cascadia’s a long read, but a beautiful one. It showcases once more that not all is well at the Foundation and it has some truly evil members who’ll do anything to contain anomalies. What I loved about this Keter SCP was the slow development and the way the story was told. The best part, however, was the ending, which I think is one of the strongest and most satisfying on the entire SCP-Wiki.

SCP-6140 – The True Empire by aismallard and stormbreath

The True Empire is a Keter SCP that picks up where SCP-140 – An Incomplete Chronicle stopped. The Daevite Empire is both one of the most dangerous civilizations in history and one of the SCP-Wiki’s most popular creations. This Keter SCP details how the chronicle is eventually completed and the consequences it might have for the world. It’s amongst my favorite SCPs in Series VII.

SCP-6996 – Does the Red Moon Howl? by Dysadron

Does the Red Moon Howl? is another weird Keter SCP. When I started reading it, I thought it might be one of the weaker Keter SCPs out there and I couldn’t help but think of it as ridiculous. All this changed, however, the moment I reached the exploration logs. They were nothing short of brilliant and are amongst my favorites on the entire SCP Wiki. The best part, however, was the ending and the philosophical musings it entailed. While Does the Red Moon Howl? can be weaker in parts, it makes up for it with the exploration logs alone.

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