6 Neutralized SCP Any Fan Should Read

While putting together my list of the best SCPs, I read a variety of SCPs, and also some who were neutralized SPCs.

Neutralized SCPs describe objects that have lost their unusual properties. This can happen in a variety of ways, including the destruction of the object, the object’s death or its disappearance from our plane of existence.

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Image by Michal Příhoda / CC BY-SA 3.0

While an object’s destruction is often caused by accidents, there are also some which have been destroyed intentionally. This is often done by organizations opposed to the SCP Foundation or happens because of events beyond its influence.

While neutralized SCPs are amongst the rarest SCPs on the SCP-Wiki, some of them are very worth reading. That’s why I put together this short list of the best neutralized SCPs.

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-407 – The Song of Genesis by Pair Of Ducks

The Song of Genesis is amongst the most interesting Series I and neutralized SCPs I’ve come upon. The song itself is a certain piece of music. Should you listen to it, a variety of things will happen. While it initially revitalizes you, the longer you listen, the stranger and more dangerous the song’s effects will become. The descriptions of these effects are both dangerous and disturbing. What makes this neutralized SCP great, however, is the interview that follows at the end.

SCP-2498 – The Rainbow Body by minmin

The Rainbow Body is amongst the most complex articles on the entire SCP-Wiki. It comprises a variety of historical tie-ins, scientific details and even philosophical musings. While I enjoyed this article a lot and think many of its parts are outstanding, I feel it’s a tad bit too long. Yet, it’s amongst the most ambitious articles on the SCP-Wiki and a lot of effort was put into it by its author. For this reason alone, it’s worth reading and worth including in this list of the best neutralized SCPs.

SCP-2682 – The Blind Idiot by faminepulse

The Blind Idiot is one of the few articles on the SCP-Wiki that succeeds in describing an alien entity. This neutralized SCP details what happens when said entity enters our universe. It’s an incredibly strange, but also fascinating article. The writing is perfect and both the description of the entity, but also the dialogues are nothing short of outstanding. While The Blind Idiot might be amongst the strangest neutralized SCPs, it’s also amongst the best articles on the entire SCP-Wiki.

SCP-3004 – Imago by kinchtheknifeblade

Cousin Johnny, or SCP-2852, was never amongst my favorites. It was a collection of gore and body horror and nothing much else. Imago ties into it, but it’s also a vastly different and more complex piece with a lot of Christian tie-ins. What this neutralized SCP stands out for, however, is the Lovecraftian entity described in its latter half, and the well-written ending.

SCP-3043 – Murphy Law in… Type 3043 — FOR MURDER! by The Great Hippo

Here we have another format screw by The Great Hippo, one of the best writers on the entire SCP-Wiki. This entire neutralized SCP isn’t written as a normal article, but as a thriller noir told from the first person point of view. It’s an odd idea, but it’s just so well-written one can’t help but love it.

SCP-6140 – The True Empire by aismallard and stormbreath

The True Empire is a neutralized SCP that ties into the idea of SCP-140 – An Incomplete Chronicle. The Daevite Empire is one of the most popular creations on the SCP-Wiki and is described as one of the most dangerous civilizations in history. SCP-6140 describes the events leading up to and after the eventual completion of the Chronicle. Nothing more should be said about this article other than that it’s amongst the very best neutralized SCPs.

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