9 Fanastic Long Creepypasta Any Horror Fan Should Read

There are many creepypasta out there. Ever since its emergence in the mid-2000s, the genre proved massively popular.

What started out as urban legends and campfire tales shared over the internet soon developed. By now there’s a variety of creepypasta out there, as you can see in my list of the best creepypasta of all time. They are including different formats, styles and topics.

While some are short, scary anecdotes, others are long epic tales. In this article, I want to share with you my favorite long creepypasta.

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9. The Devil’s Cosmonaut

A picture of the long creepypasta The Devil's Cosmonaut
Long Creepypasta – The Devil’s Cosmonaut

The Devil’s Cosmonaut is a long creepypasta set in a space station.

The tale is about the cosmonaut Boris. After Communications with the ground break down, weird things happen in the space station. He hears strange noises, even though he’s alone, and the temperature seems to rise constantly.

The Devil’s Cosmonaut is absolutely amazing. The idea of being confined to a small station in space is already unsettling, yet what’s happening to Boris makes it even worse.

Being stuck in space is terrifying enough, but not knowing what’s real is so much scarier. This story is so effective because we clearly witness Boris’ descent into madness.

The Devil’s Cosmonaut is a long tale, a slow-moving one, but it’s a fantastic read all around.

8. 1999

A picture of the long creepypasta 1999
Long Creepypasta – 1999

1999 is a long creepypasta, a very long one.

Back in 1999, our narrator, Elliot, was seven years old and loved the TV-show Pokemon. When his dad got fed up about his son’s whining to watch the show, he gets Elliot his own TV.

It isn’t long before Elliot discovers a secret channel, Channel 21, which features strange and disturbing content.

The earlier parts of this creepypasta are written more in an anthology format in which Elliot describes the various strange shows on Channel 21. This culminates in him writing a letter to his favorite show, Mr. Bear’s cellar. When he receives an invitation to the show, his father offers to drive him there.

The two of them don’t meet Mr. Bear, however, but the police and soon learn about the true nature of Channel 21.

The story doesn’t end there, however, but details Elliot’s research into the strange channel and Mr. Bear when he’s in college.

What makes 1999 work so well is the format. It’s less written like a traditional story, but more like an internet diary by Elliot detailing his findings.

The longer his research lasts and the more details he uncovers over the course of this long creepypasta, the more disturbing things get.

7. Stevie

A picture of the long creepypasta Stevie
Long Creepypasta – Stevie

Stevie is a very long creepypasta, but also an extremely well written one. At the outset of the story, psychiatrist Sylvester Penn is on his way to interview a young man in a mental asylum.

Michael, the young man, is there because he murdered someone. The interview begins and we learn more about Michael’s past and his childhood.

Michael grew up in a pleasant neighborhood. Yet, there weren’t many kids there and his only friend was a boy named Michael who was slow in the head. After teasing him and playing tricks on him for a while, Michael soon developed a feeling of being responsible for him.

When more people move into the neighborhood, Michael makes friends with some of the new kids. One of them is called Stevie, who’s a lanky, weird boy, obsessed with taxidermy.

As Michael details his childhood and teenage years with his new friends, including Stevie, things soon take a turn for the worse.

Stevie is one of the longest creepypasta I ever read. It’s a tale that develops slowly, but turns progressively darker the longer it goes on. It’s a fantastic story and its great writing will keep you engaged throughout.

6. Humper-Monkey’s Ghost Story

A picture of the long creepypasta Humper-Monkey's Ghost Story
Long Creepypasta – Humper-Monkey’s Ghost Story

Humper-Monkey’s Ghost Story is not just a long creepypasta, it’s huge. The story was originally posted in a military story thread on Something Awful and proved to be extremely popular.

Our narrator, Monkey, joins the US Army in the late 1980s and is stationed in an undescriptive building in the mountains in Germany. The place is cold, isolated, but even worse, it’s supposedly haunted.

Things get strange during his first night at the building. He’s got the feeling he’s not alone in his room and that he’s watched by someone or something.

Humper-Monkey’s Ghost story is, as the name implies, a ghost story and with almost 30.000 words, the longest creepypasta on this list. The story also spawned several follow-ups and related tales.

What makes this story so great is the isolated setting. Yet, things should only get worse, as the soldiers try to uncover what is going on in the building.

Humber-Monkey’s Ghost Story is popular for a variety of reasons. The writing is great; the language is rough, and it feels realistic.

5. No End House

A picture of the long creepypasta No End House
Long Creepypasta – No End House

No End House is a classic, a really popular one. This long creepypasta proved so popular it was adapted as the second season of the horror anthology series Channel Zero.

The story centers on a haunted house, the titular No End House. Our narrator David learns his friend visited the place and that there’s a challenge involved. The place comprises nine rooms and whoever makes it to the end wins $500.

Soon enough, David sets out to try his luck. After all, how hard can it be?

While the first rooms start out silly, almost childish, things soon get strange and more nightmarish.

No End House might be quite a long creepypasta, but it’s a fantastic read. I love the fascinating setting, but also the creativity that went into it. If you haven’t heard about No End House, and haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

4. The Dionaea House

A picture of the long creepypasta The Dionaea House
Long Creepypasta – The Dionaea House

Here we have another long creepypasta, but one that’s different. The entirety of the Dionaea House is told via email correspondences and blog entries.

This strange choice of format makes The Dionaea House not only interesting, but it also makes it feel much more realistic. It doesn’t read like a creepypasta or a short story. Instead, it feels like you’re reading a real email correspondence between friends.

The story is about Eric who gets contacted by his friend Mark, regarding a fellow friend, Andrew. Apparently Andrew snapped, shot two people and later killed himself.

From here on out, we witness Mark’s investigation as he tries to figure out what happened to their old friend and drove him to do what he did. His emails to Eric read more like an investigative diary, but are written realistically.

When Mark eventually finds his way to The Dionaea House, nothing is revealed, however. Instead, the story only proves to get stranger.

The Dionaea House is a slow-developing and very long creepypasta. It’s well put together, however, and the format keeps you engaged throughout. What I came to enjoy the most, however, was the idea of the Dionaea House itself.

If you haven’t read it yet, and you got some time to spare, be sure to check out this long creepypasta.

3. Ted the Caver

A picture of the long creepypasta Ted the Caver.
Long Creepypasta – Ted the Caver

Ted the Caver is one of the earliest and longest creepypasta out there. As the title says, this story is all about caving.

While I’m not claustrophobic, I find the idea of exploring tight spaces and caves inherently disturbing.

Ted the Caver works so well because of all the intricate details that are added to it. The story starts out as a blog by a caving enthusiast who shares his discovery of an unknown cave system.

The earlier posts focus more on the process of caving. Each of the blog posts making up this tale features various photographs. This gives you not only more insight into the setting, but also immerses you into the story. It feels like what you’re reading is an actual story.

Ted the Caver is a long creepypasta, one that develops slowly, but it proves to be a fascinating tale. What makes it so great is the realism, and the unsettling elements that take over the story in its later half.

Ted the Caver is a classic, long creepypasta, but one very well worth reading.

2. Psychosis

A picture of the long creepypasta Psychosis
Long Creepypasta – Psychosis

I love Psychosis by Matt Dymerski. He’s one of the most talented authors of creepypasta out there. Psychosis is a long creepypasta, one that develops slowly and details a man’s descent into madness.

John, a young man, notices strange details about his life. Things don’t seem to add up anymore. As time continues, we witness as he grows increasingly paranoid and wonders what is real and what isn’t.

What makes this long creepypasta so fascinating is John’s descent into madness, his spiraling out of control. And yet, as we read on, we also wonder if John might not be right.

Psychosis is a fantastic study in paranoia and isolation. While it might be a rather long creepypasta, it’s definitely one of the best ones out there.

1. The Strangers

A picture of the long creepypasta The Strangers
Long Creepypasta – The Strangers

The Strangers is a superb story and my favorite creepypasta of all times. It’s a well-written epic, detailing what happened to a young man named Andrew Erics.

The young man got a strange habit. Whenever he’s on the subway, he can’t help but watch his fellow passengers. While most people act a bit strange, he comes upon one man who seems different. This weird character doesn’t react to Andrew’s staring at all. It doesn’t take long before Andrew becomes interested in the man and follows him on his daily trips, back and forth on the subway.

This, however, is only the beginning of this long creepypasta.

The Strangers is one of the most-well written creepypasta out there. When I first read it, I was floored by how well it’s told. Even today, after reading hundreds of other creepypasta, it still holds up as my favorite.

I can’t recommend this long creepypasta enough. It’s a fantastic read and a delight for anyone interested in horror and weird tales.

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