9 Highly Disturbing Creepypasta Anyone Should Read

The first creepypasta were short, scary campfire tales shared via the internet. Over the years, however, as the medium received more and more attention, creepypasta have transformed. Over the time I’ve read countless creepypasta as you can see on my list of the best creepypasta of all time.

Some are more akin to literary short stories, while others use the internet to their advantage. Those are written as blog posts, email correspondences or even pseudo-documentaries.

In this article, however, I don’t want to talk about those. While most creepypasta are scary, or at least unsettling, there are some truly disturbing creepypasta out there.

In this article I want to present you with some of the most disturbing creepypasta ever.

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9. Across the Border

A picture of the disturbing creepypasta Across the Border
Disturbing Creepypasta – Across the Border

There are some creepypasta that creepy, some that are scary and then there’s Across the Border. It’s a tale reminiscent of an urban legend.

It’s details what happens when a couple wants to spend an evening across the Mexican border with their young child.

Let’s hope this disturbing creepypasta is nothing but fiction.

8. The Algorithm

A picture of the disturbing creepypasta The Algorithm
Disturbing Creepypasta – The Algorithm

Stories that depict mental illness or paranoia in a satisfying way are rare. This disturbing creepypasta, however, is one of them.

This, however, opens up the story and gives us enough mystery for multiple interpretations.

The Algorithm is a great, disturbing creepypasta and the less is said about it before reading, the better.

7. Baby Dolls

A picture of the disturbing creepypasta Baby Dolls.
Disturbing Creepypasta – Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls is a short, but very disturbing, creepypasta.

The story details a malfunction in the baby dolls of a toy manufacturer. These dolls never cease crying and only stop once destroyed.

Yet, the story isn’t merely about dolls.

Baby Dolls is a disturbing creepypasta that once more follows the urban legend character, but details a supposed gruesome incident.

6. Pale Luna

A picture of the disturbing creepypasta Pale Luna.
Disturbing Creepypasta – Pale Luna

Pale Luna is a video game creepypasta and one of the best in this subgenre.

The story is about an obscure text adventure which was only known to a few select people back in the day.

There’s something special about Pale Luna, though. The game is cryptic and barely functioning, prompting most people to abandon it out of sheer frustration. One day, a young man decides to see if there’s more to this enigmatic game.

Pale Luna isn’t as disturbing as the other creepypasta on this list. The reason I added it, however, is the final reveal and the scenario depicted.

Overall, it’s an interesting tale, surrounding a mystery in a video game.

5. 12 Minutes

A picture of the disturbing creepypasta 12 Minutes
Disturbing Creepypasta – 12 Minutes

12 Minutes is one of the strangest and most disturbing creepypasta I read.

It details what happened in the fall of 1987 when a small local news channel in Atlanta had a gap in scheduling. It was eventually filled by young Reverand Marley Sachs who used the available hour for his show ‘Words of Light with Rev. Marley Sachs.”

From here on out, things soon get weird. Complaints arrive by woman who report feeling uncomfortable while watching the show. They mention that this feeling always occurs in twelve-minute intervals. Before long, the show is cancelled as the channel has to report on a more important topic, the local miscarriage epidemic.

When a young intern takes a deeper look at the tapes of Reverand Marley Sachs’ show, however, he discovers something truly disturbing.

12 Minutes is a story I absolutely loved. It’s a mysterious, yet deeply disturbing creepypasta. It’s a tale that anyone interested in horror should check out.

4. The Hidden Things

A picture of the disturbing creepypasta The Hidden Things
Disturbing Creepypasta – The Hidden Things

The Hidden Things is yet another disturbing creepypasta.

A hotel owner is worried about the guest in room 304. He hasn’t received word from the man, and enters the room using a spare key.

What he discovers is disturbing. The man is lying dead in one of the room’s corners and the walls are covered in strange writings.

Wanting to learn what happened to the man, the narrator reenters the room.

The Hidden Things is a fantastic story. It details a well-written descent into madness, with some of the best imagery in any creepypasta.

It’s a truly disturbing creepypasta, one that’s overshadowed by more popular tales out there, but it’s a delight to read.

3. Gateway of the Mind

A picture of the disturbing creepypasta Gateway of the Mind
Disturbing Creepypasta – Gateway of the Mind

Gateway of the mind is a classic in the realm of creepypasta, but also one of the most disturbing creepypasta of all time.

The story details an experiment conducted by a group of scientists. They presume that if a human being has no access to their senses, they could perceive the presence of God.

It doesn’t take them long to find a subject. It’s an old man who’s got nothing left to lose.

As the story continues, we witness how the subject grows increasingly more disoriented, paranoid and hallucinates. Before long, however, things get much, much more unsettling.

Gateway of the Mind presents an idea that’s as interesting as it is disturbing. If you had no access to your sense, and are stuck inside your own head, what happens?

What makes Gateway of the Mind such a great and disturbing creepypasta, however, is the ending. If you haven’t read this tale yet, I highly recommend you do.

2. Dogscape

A picture of the disturbing creepypasta Dogscape
Disturbing Creepypasta – Dogscape

Dogscape is not only weird and surreal, it’s also one of the most disturbing creepypasta ever. Yet, it has always been one of my favorite creepypasta of all time.

Dogscape details what happens after all the earth has become a never-ending landscape made up of dogs. It’s a world in which the ground is covered in dog fur, random dog heads and from which strange dog trees sprout.

This creepypasta comprises multiple tales, detailing the life and the survival of people in this strange world.

What makes Dogscape so disturbing isn’t merely the weird setting, but what happens in it. The inhabitants of the Dogscape are devoured by dog heads, kill each other or become assimilated by the Dogscape itself. It also features frequent mentions of rape happening among survivors.

It’s one of the weirdest selection of tales and something that must be experienced by anyone interested in weird horror.

The tales of the Dogscape vary in detail, length and quality. They feature gore, rape and many other atrocities. It’s truly a disturbing creepypasta, but it deserves a place on this list for its bizarre setting and imagery.

If you like weird, surreal and disturbing creepypasta, you will enjoy Dogscape. Just be warned, some tales feature explicit content.

1. Normal Porn for Normal People

A picture of the disturbing creepypasta Normal Porn for Normal People
Disturbing Creepypasta – Normal Porn for Normal People

Normal Porn for Normal People has always been one of my favorite, disturbing creepypasta. Something about tales that center on weird, hidden corners of the internet has always fascinated me.

The narrator details he received a spam mail, telling him about a website called normalpornfornormalpeople.com. The website itself is barely functional, but features a variety of strange videos. When he shares his discovery with the members of an image board, people investigate and soon discover more unsettling content.

What makes Normal Pron for Normal People so disturbing is the thought that websites like this exist somewhere in the depths of the internet.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who’s interested in scary tales. It’s well worth the read and an absolute favorite of mine.

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