Six Weird Meta-SCPs Any SCP-Fan Should Read

Meta-SCPs are amongst the most interesting SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki.

When I put together my list of the best SCPs, I came upon the occasional Meta-SCP. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think about them, and it took some time before they grew on me.

Meta-SCPs aren’t necessarily format screws, but toy with the idea of the SCP-Wiki being a fictional entity and even include its writers in their stories.

Meta Intro
Image by Ihp / CC BY-SA 3.0

Things can get a bit confusing, and Meta-SCPs might not be for everyone.

There are, however, a few I can’t help but love for various reasons. Either for the sheer creativity of their ideas or the effort that went into them.

Here are six Meta-SCPs I truly enjoyed.

Notice: All articles cited here are licensed under CC-BY-SA.

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SCP-2747 – As below, so above by minmin

As below, so above is hands-down my favorite Meta-SCP of all time. It’s extremely well written and ten incidents included are both well-done and creative. The best part, however, is the ending. Never have the words ‘DATA LOST’ been so scary.

SCP-3043 – Murphy Law in… Type 3043 — FOR MURDER! by The Great Hippo

Murphy Law in… Type 3043 — FOR MURDER! is one of the best format screws and Meta-SCPs on the entire SCP-Wiki. It isn’t written as a normal article, but a thriller noir told from the first person’s view of the titular character. It’s an odd idea, but one that works incredibly well and comes with some of the SCP-Wiki’s best writing.

SCP-3999 – I Am At The Center of Everything That Happens To Me by LordStonefish

I Am At The Center of Everything That Happens To Me is probably the most popular Meta-SCP on the entire SCP-Wiki. Yet, it’s also one of the weirdest SCPs I’ve read. It’s best described as sheer and utter madness. While I loved the article, I felt it dragged on a little too much and became overlong. The biggest problem, however, is that you get invested in the story and all its information only to realize what’s really going on. It’s a weird, ambitious piece of work that I’m sure is not for everyone.

SCP-5500 – Death of the Authors by Ihp

Meta-SCPs are a somewhat tough sell, but those including pataphysics are probably some of the most divisive SCPs on the SCP-Wiki. Death of the Author is probably one of the weirdest Meta-SCPs out there. It’s related to the 001-proposal by S. Andrew Swann, but pushed the idea even further. It’s not merely about the interaction between the writers and the Foundation, but centers on what happens if those writers die and the consequences it entails. While I think this is one of the most ambitious Meta-SCPs on the SCP-Wiki, it’s again, not for everyone. If you’re a fan of Meta-SCPs, however, and especially pataphysics, check it out.

SCP-5999 – This is Where I Died by Shaggydredlocks, Modern_Erasmus, TheeSherm and Woedenaz

This might be one of the most ambitious SCPs I’ve read. You can tell right away that an enormous amount of work went into this Meta-SCP. The biggest problem I have with it is the same I have with certain other Meta-SCPs. It lures you in with a variety of great stories, keeps you engaged until you realize what’s really going on. This revelation, however, is really well done. Overall, it’s a fantastic idea, a great read, but it’s also quite long. I still highly recommend it to fans of Meta-SCPs.

I.H.Pickman’s Proposal – Story of Your Life by Ihp

Here we have a Meta-SCP that doubles as a 001-proposal. It’s another Meta-SCP that ties into the idea of S. Andrew Swann’s 001-proposal. Story of Your Life, however, goes even deeper and adds yet another layer to the idea and I frankly think it makes things much more interesting. What I enjoyed the most, however, was the writing, the dialogues and the characters. It was a fantastic read.

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