The 9 Most Well-Written Creepypasta Anyone Should Read

Creepypasta are amongst the most-popular internet horror content there is. Over the years I’ve read countless creepypasta, as you can see in my long list of must-read creepypasta.

Many creepypasta are short anecdotes, often no longer than a few sentences long. Others are written as simple online-post, diary entries or email-correspondences.

Some, however, are more literary and are akin to short stories. For this list, I want to share some of the most well-written creepypasta with you.

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9. Doppelganger

A picture of the well-written creepypasta Doppelganger
Well-Written Creepypasta – Doppelganger

Doppelganger was one of the first creepypasta I ever read and I was blown away by it.

This well-written creepypasta tells the tale of a man who notices his wife is changing and acting strangely. Soon enough, he believes that the woman he’s with now is not his actual wife.

As the story continues, the narrator describes how things have changed and we witness as his paranoia and knowledge about the doppelganger grows.

Doppelganger is a fantastic and well-written creepypasta, one any horror fan should read.

8. Stevie

A picture of the well-written creepypasta Stevie
Well-Written Creepypasta – Stevie

Stevie is long, but it’s also one of the most well-written creepypasta I’ve read. It begins with a psychotherapist, Sylvester Penn, interviewing a young man at an asylum.

This young man is Michael, who’s there because he murdered someone. As two of them talk, we learn more about Michael and his past. He grew up as one of the few kids living in a pleasant neighborhood.

His only friend was a boy named Andrew, who was a bit slow in the head. Michael often played tricks on Andrew. Even though Andrew grew mad at him for it, he always stuck to Michael, who soon felt responsible for him.

Over time, more families move to the neighborhood with their kids. One of them is Stephen DiMisaco or Stevie, as he’s being called. He’s a weird, lanky boy who’s obsessed with taxidermy.

Michael recounts his childhood and teenage years and his relationship with new friends, but also with Stevie.

It isn’t long, however, before things take a turn for the worse.

Stevie is the longest tale on this list. It’s a slow developing story, but one that turns progressively darker. It’s a fantastic story, one that keeps you engaged until the end and one of the most well-written creepypasta ever.

7. Rabbits in the Creek

A picture of the well-written creepypasta Rabbits in the Creek
Well-Written Creepypasta – Rabbits in the Creek

Another well-written creepypasta about a mysterious event.

Payton, a young boy, wants to take pictures of a young lion spotted in the area. When he asks for advice from the people at National Geographic, he’s told to put an automatic camera at a place the young lion might frequent.

To lure the young lion to the small creek, he sets up the recording of a dying rabbit.

The narrator of this tale isn’t Payton, however, but a young girl. She describes how she can hear the distant recording of the dying rabbit even from her house at night. What makes it even worse, however, is that the recording is distorted.

It’s soon revealed that something was indeed lured to the creek, but it might not have been the young lion.

Rabbits in the Creek is another fantastic and well-written creepypasta. It’s a great story, told slowly and reveals yet another mysterious and unexplained event.

6. The Art of Jacob Emory

A picture of the well-written creepypasta The Art of Jacob Emory
Well-Written Creepypasta – The Art of Jacob Emory

This well-written creepypasta tells the story of a man named Jacob Emory. He’s a jack of all trades, but his ambitions and interests soon grow too large for his small hometown.

And so Jacob travels abroad. When he returns to his home town, years later, he brings along a stick of chalk. This stick turns out to be special because it allows him to draw strange paintings that are animated.

It isn’t long before Jacob holds his own shows, presenting his animate paintings in front of an audience. Things, however, should soon get worse, much worse.

The Art of Jacob Emory is a favorite of mine. It’s not only one of the most well-written creepypasta but also one of the most creative I’ve ever read.

5. Case Report 7591

A picture of the well-written creepypasta Case Report 7591
Well-Written Creepypasta Case Report 7591

Case Report 7591 tells the tale of a man named Travis Leroy and takes place in the amusement park he created. The man’s most priced attraction was an indoor ride through an enchanted forest.

The park turns out to be profitable and soon leads to business booming in the small town it was created in.

Tragedy strikes, however, when a four-year-old boy goes missing in the outskirts of town. A search is started, but the case is closed down, eventually.

When another child goes missing, however, an investigation is started. Soon enough, the amusement park is investigated and a terrible secret is discovered.

Case Report 7591 is a creepypasta that stands out for its narrative and the fascinating story-telling.

It’s a fantastic and well-written creepypasta that transforms a simple premise into something unique. If you’re looking for a well-written creepypasta, I highly recommend it.

4. The Gift of Mercy

A picture of the well-written creepypasta The Gift of Mercy
Well-Written Creepypasta – The Gift of Mercy

Creepypasta set in the realm of science-fiction are rare. The Gift of Mercy is one of the few exceptions and it’s a remarkable little tale.

Yet, this story isn’t set in a spaceship or space station. It’s not one about an alien invasion. Instead, it follows an alien narrator who laments the greatest mistake his species ever made.

It’s an incredible interest, unique and creative little tale.

3. The Song and Dance Man

A picture of the well-written creepypasta The Song and Dance Man.
Well-Written Creepypasta – The Song and Dance Man.

The Song and Dance Man has always been one of my favorite creepypasta. It’s a phenomenal piece of fiction and one of the most well-written creepypasta I ever read.

It’s the story of a strange man who one day appears in the narrator’s home town. The man sets up a tent and invites inside to listen to music and to dance. Many of the townspeople follow his invitation and join him for free music and dancing.

Yet, things are never what they seem at first glance and there’s more involved than just a bit of dancing.

What makes this story so great is the fantastic writing, the way the story is presented to us as well as the narrative.

The Song and Dance Man is without a doubt one of the most well-written creepypasta I’ve come upon and a delight to read for any horror fan.

2. Psychosis

A picture of the well-written creepypasta Psychosis
Well-Written Creepypasta – Psychosis

Ever since I read Psychosis, Matt Dymerski has become a favorite of mine. It’s another long, but incredibly well-written creepypasta. I first discovered it on 4chan’s /x/ board years ago and was stunned by how good it was.

Psychosis is a strange story. It’s about a young man, John, who soon feels things don’t add up anymore. He wonders what’s real and what isn’t, and soon enough, he’s not sure if he can trust his surroundings anymore.

John isolates himself from the world, believing something terrible is happening out there. Over the course of the story, his paranoia gets worse and worse. It’s a fascinating and interesting tale, one that presents us with a slow descent into madness.

Psychosis is a well-written creepypasta and Matt Dymersky’s one of the greatest creepypasta and horror writers out there.

1. The Strangers

A picture of the well-written creepypasta The Strangers
Well-Written Creepypasta – The Strangers

The Strangers is my favorite creepypasta of all time. It’s a superb story. The world created is fascinating, and it’s one of the most well-written creepypasta of all time.

It tells the story of a young man named Andrew Erics. He’s got a peculiar habit. Whenever he rides the subway, he watches the other passengers. One day, he discovers a peculiar character, a man who doesn’t react to being watched at all. It isn’t long before Andrew tries to figure out what’s wrong with this weird character. In time, however, he discovers there are other strangers around.

Andrew follows the man on his daily trips, back and forth on the subway, but this is merely the beginning of the tale.

The Strangers is a masterfully told tale and one of the most well-written creepypasta of all time. It was one of the first creepypasta I ever read, but it blew me away. After rereading it recently though, I can say that it still holds up, even today and even after reading hundreds of other creepypasta. I highly recommend this tale to anyone who’s interested in creepypasta, horror or strange tales.

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