Fuck Monsters

Fuck Monsters [Part 18] – Sandra’s Conviction

And so we set out, right into the lion’s den, the looming, otherworldly ziggurat in front of us. The moment we entered, my head spun. There was something about this entire construction that made no sense. There was some sort of insane beauty to it, a disorienting, hellish beauty. The ...
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Fuck Monsters [Part 17] – Eradication

Even days after the revelation that headquarters and even Sandra knew more than I did, I was still pissed off. I couldn’t believe they’d known something was going to happen here and did nothing. Because of this, we were fucked. All we could do now was to sit here and ...
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Fuck Monsters [Part 16] – Headquarters and Other Secrets

I took us god knows how long to get our battered bodies back to the apartment after our encounter with the A-class organism. All three of us were shaken up, exhausted and hurting. None of us were in any condition to do anything but nurture our wounds. Sandra had gotten ...
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Fuck Monsters [Part 15] – A Class

Call me lucky or call me unlucky, but I never had to handle an A-class incident before. When I saw Sandra’s reaction though, the raw terror in her eyes, I could tell we were in a lot of trouble. “So, what do we do? You think we can fight that ...
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Fuck Monsters [Part 14] – The Quiet Before the Storm

Once we’d returned from our little incident at the tower block, we were all shaken up. I couldn’t be sure, but I felt like I’d at least a fracture or two. While Sandra was busy attending to her own injuries, she threw me a healing contraption without saying a word ...
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Fuck Monsters [Part 13] – Theodor

The last couple of days were a total fucking shitshow. More so than usual, believe me. Things started out easy enough after we’d conscripted our new friend, Theodor. While he was still under the effect of Sandra’s sedatives, I set out for a quick check on a few areas on ...
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Fuck Monsters [Part 12] – Vanishing Signals

After our little encounter in the mall’s basement, we both knew we were in deep shit. Something was brewing in this city, and it wasn’t good. As if to prove us right, we got more incidents the next day. By now new signatures were popping up multiple times a day ...
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Fuck Monsters [Part 11] – Riding the Ley Lines

Well everyone, after that last shitshow I’m finally back on track. When I woke up, I was still not entirely in control of my body, and my mind was nothing but a scrambled up mess. By now, though, I’m all better, or at least all right. The moment I stumbled ...
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Fuck Monsters [Part 10] – Trapped in Dreamscape

I don’t remember a damn thing after I passed out. Sandra told me that headquarters sent out an immediate care unit that did their best to patch me up. Still, that wasn’t enough to do the trick. In the end, they injected me with some of headquarters’ good stuff, a ...
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Fuck Monsters [Part 9] – Fuck Cats

Well, I’m back and a ton of shit has happened. After we’d made our way back from the warehouse, I still couldn’t believe that headquarters had sent a freaking mentalist to keep me in check. Even worse though, I was entirely out of booze. Sure, Sandra had told me to ...
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