Short Scary Stories

Transient Global Amnesia

Amnesia. A word most of us know, but few of us ever experience. It was a few hours ago. I got up like every other morning, but there was this strange lingering feeling in the back of my head. I couldn’t put it anywhere and went about my morning routine ...
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The Video

Insomnia’s a bitch, John thought as he sat in front of his computer. It would be one of those nights, he thought with a sigh. For a while, he browsed Netflix before he watched a few funny videos on Netflix. Before long he grew bored with funny fail compilations and ...
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Popping Pimples

It started as a habit, but has almost become a fetish. Popping pimples, that is. I love it. There’s a sort of twisted satisfaction of bringing forth the horrors that are hidden deep inside your own body. Whenever I find a big fat one, I almost can’t resist. Today, though, ...
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Jerold’s Wait

Jerold was sitting in the same chair, at the same window, staring outside, waiting. The first snow was falling, and he remembered the time when he’d played out there with the neighborhood kids all those years ago. He remembered it so vividly that afternoon. The sun had been bright, just ...
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Family Tradition

“... bent her over just like that...” “... made her squeal like a pig...” I rolled my eyes as dad and Roger bragged about their conquests. When they saw it, they both laughed. “It’s gonna be fine, baby brother,” Roger said, turning to me. A moment later, I felt dad’s ...
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Love Can Exhaust Too

The miscarriage had devastated Emma. What had once been a happy woman, full of love, had become a curled up ball of misery and pain. It was the same for me, back then. I, too, felt the same sense of loss, the same pain, but I knew I had to ...
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Dear Lizzy

Oh, my dear Lizzy, my beautiful wife, I can’t find the words to tell you how much I love you. I guess that’s how it is with true love. I still remember the day we met like it was yesterday. The sun was high, not a cloud in the sky, ...
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